What we're about

Calling all the foodies out there to join us! Well, If you are a person who basically loves food, can talk about it for hours then this is the right group for you.

Goal of this meetup is to find the best restaurants in the area. We will do meetups that are in New Westminster, Coquitlam & Surrey areas as well. Might go as far as Delta. We go where there are interesting restaurants.

People in this meetup so far are really awesome. Well, you will know when you come for your first meetup. :)

P.S. We always go for dessert after dinner.

General rules:
* Respect- You will be banned from this group and be blacklisted
* No-shows- No-show is not accepted and will be given proper warning. After 2nd warning, you will be removed from the group
* Please bring your best self to this meetup(positive, open minded & friendly). We won't tolerate anyone poisoning the atmosphere.
* Cancellations- Cancellations has to be done at least 24hrs before the meeting begins

Membership fees: There are no membership fees. However if you like the group, you are welcome to donate any amount you like! :)

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Artusi Restaurant

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Taste of Africa


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