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Spring Water Harvesting
Wild water!! Well, about as wild as we can find "in these here parts." Because we also want "safe water." I go regularly to this artesian well, aw, for about 10 years, and drink this water almost exclusively. Yes, I am a bit weird but I don't think that its "in" the water ;-) People drive up to "the spout" with all their containers and fill 'er up and up and up. There is usually a line of cars waiting. Best part is free!! The lore is that the City of Canton maintains the area and tests the water on a monthly basis. Go to for more information. When we get there "on location" for the Meet Up, I can share more stories collected from the good folk who regularly harvest water at this site. Yep, I get out of my car and talk to folks. I figure there has to be 1 or 2 peeps along the way that are like-minded, friendly-types, who like to share their stories. I have found a few good ones, for sure! Skeptical? A review has you doubting? Then do some more research. But be sure you google "Canton Texas" because there is another Canton, in Ohio. (FYI: This is NOT our Canton spring: Still not sure, then, perhaps, this event is not for you unless, of course, you just want to hang out with us beautiful people, and that, my friends, is a wholesome prospect too! I suggest meeting at Home Depot in Balch Springs because it seems a good meeting point for those coming from either Interstate 20 or 30. From there we can do some car pooling and get moving on to the "spring" together, caravan-like. I speculate leaving a car or 2 in the parking lot for a couple of hours will go unnoticed. If you prefer, you can go direct. Direct to the spring, that is. We will see you there! Listen here: Expect that we will be at the spring about an hour past our meeting start time. Depending on the line and the number of people showing for the Meet Up, we could be at the spring about an hour. It is pretty safe to say, we will be back to the cars at Home Depot no later than 3 hours from our start time in the parking lot. There is not much else to do in Canton that I am aware of, so this is a single-focused activity: Go-get-water and come-back-home event. We will only wait a few minutes at our meeting spot, so be sure to arrive on time. The train keeps moving as it has a schedule to keep! You might ask why I am talking like this with the Andy-in-Mayberry style? Well, mind you, we are heading toward East Texas. So ya'll, come on now, ya hear? Yahoo! Let's meet up! • What to bring Bring your empty water bottles. I personally prefer glass. Me, myself, and I fill about 30+ glass gallon jugs. Many people bring their 3 or 5 gallon "Sparklett"-type containers. The water flows freely so when someone is not fillin', it's still pourin'. I also bring some big towels and cover my water bottles until I am ready to open them again to drink the goodness. • Important to know Wear shoes that you do not mind getting wet and maybe a little muddy. Also if you are particular about the carpet in your car, bring a towel for your floor board. Be sure to bring lids for your water bottles. The water will get swishy on the ride home. More excursions to the Canton Artesian Well have been scheduled. You may notice that we go earlier and earlier in the day as we approach the possibility of hotter and hotter temperatures. Makes sense, yes? Trust me, it is not fun to be at the wet spring when the air it is still very cold. This is strictly an outdoor venue. One more thing: As we North Central Texans know, the weather is like Slinky (a toy that does somersaults) this time of year. If the weather looks less than desirable that day, we will cancel. Look ahead at our future Meet Ups. We have more times for Spring Water Harvesting scheduled!

Home Depot

12005 Elam Rd · Balch Springs, TX


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