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Calling Black Women of all Ages and Backgrounds! Become a participant in an ongoing, national photography project centered around Celebrating and Highlighting Beautiful Black Women.

I began The Free Black Woman with one goal in mind; to show the varying beauty and depth of The Black Woman. I was so sick and tired of hearing people label us so simply; "The Angry Black Woman."

That label, those four words are not loving or kind. They say that we can only be one thing, when the world hands us so many chips to shoulder.

They are meant to wrap us up and shrink us into something small and simple enough for society to digest. Making ourselves one dimensional and holding back all of ourselves, our beauty, our anger and joy to be deemed "acceptable" should not the job nor should it be a goal of the Black Woman has to strive for.

Unfortunately, this is the reality that some Black Woman face.

The Black Woman is multi-faceted. Every time you think you have her figured out, she surprises you. We come in so many different molds and makes, with baggage and beliefs, beauty and insecurities. Each Black Woman carries with her, her own story and struggle.

I wanted to create a safe space-- our own safe space-- for black women to share their stories, frustrations and hopes candidly and honestly. I wanted to get the authentic stories and quotes from women who live in this culture of code-switching and shrinking, breaking and becoming, and I want to bring those stories, experiences and beautiful faces to light... to you to change the narrative.

Black Women are multi-faceted and we are beautiful. We are varying in every way and each way is something to celebrate.

So get ready to hear the stories and see the many beautiful faces of The Free Black Woman.

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