What we're about

This is a group formed for two purposes: one, of finding ways to live independently from the regime in Washington D.C. as part of the Free State Project; and two, spreading the Agora -- the unfettered free market described by Samuel E. Konkin III in "A New Libertarian Manifesto" -- throughout the Oklahoma region. There is intended to be no discussion of politics here except that of legal forms of secession, and that of how to effectively evade and counteract coercive and/or thieving behavior -- including that of government -- without resorting to government to protect us, which we know in the long run is folly. For discussions of mainstream political issues including political activism, there are many other excellent groups to join. This group is strictly about learning how to live independently from government, how to facilitate its dissolution into ever-smaller and more manageable units, and how to practically prepare for and survive a political or economic collapse. In short, it is about helping people find freedom in an unfree world, as Harry Browne put it. Interesting topics will be historical secession and Agorist movements, law and property rights issues, how agorists and agorist organizations can deal with interference by existing States, individualist philosophy, and how to build wealth outside the confines of the modern systems of government that would otherwise consume most of it. More information about the Free State Project can be found at http://www.freestateproject.org/ More information about Agorism can be found at http://www.agorism.info/