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Online Stress Down (Virtual Monthly Freelance Jungle)
This is a forum on stress, mental health and basically talking candidly about the challenges you are facing in a supportive and friendly environment. There are no wrong answers and it's an opportunity to gain some strength by talking to others who understand the emotional toll freelancing and solo entrepreneurship can take. Bring your water, wine or whatever tickles your fancy. Access the event via this link: For those of you who have never been to a Freelance Jungle before: The Freelance Jungle is a social club where freelancers, contractors, soloists, startup founders and single person small businesses can come and meet like minded people. We're big on ending the isolation and sharing advice and low on the salesperson vibe so you can enjoy yourself. Relax, workshop your issues, ask questions, share the wins, highs and lows with a community that cares.

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    Down in the depths of the city jungle beats a drum calling all the freelance critters together. We’ll meet by the light of the moon, drink fermented beverages and tell tall tales of life on the edge of the freelance jungle.

    To be included ‘neath the night sky and talk turkey with the gang, all you need to be is the kind of person who can relate to the following:

    1. Your washing doesn’t include much business attire, but you have a sensational set of “work pyjamas”.

    2. Debt collection is done through subtle begging and threats of standing outside non-paying businesses with cardboard signs stating “WILL WRITE COPY FOR FOOD”.

    3. An agency calls and asks how much you know about aardvarks for a two day gig, you put down your latest cardboard sign and respond with gusto as you paraphrase Wikipedia and secretly hope they don’t think Jillian is an odd name for a supposed beloved childhood pet.

    4. You would have an awesome relationship with your fellow “co-worker”, if only they would stop shedding on the work furniture, barking at the stereo or pooing in crazy places when you go out for your lunch break together.

    5. The internet goes down and you suddenly feel very, very lonely.

    6. The genuine surprise in your voice at being given a week to do something is evident down the phone line.

    7. On any given day, your workflow can cover medicine, wine, product management, online kids games, tee shirts, strippers, St Patrick’s Day photo competitions and thinking of names for businesses who encourage people to share drills.

    8. You are completely up to date with breaking news, such as the Charlie Sheen’s ugly yet strangely fascinating meltdown- and can justify this knowledge as “studying the effects of social media on viral video campaigns”.

    9. When a tradesman asks you if you can be home from work to let them in, you have to stop for a moment wondering what the hell they are talking about.

    10. Despite early starts and late nights, and that seemingly unnatural relationship you have with your beloved laptop “Spazz” or the level of conversation you now share with your Labrador, the dust bunnies in your bank account and the fact you ingest enough caffeine to kill a small but chunky rhino on a daily basis, you’re still smiling. Sound like you? Come meet the other animals of the freelance jungle! Aroooooooooooo!

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