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Are you a "Wounded Sista" - a


- hurt and/or

- angry and/or

- confused

little girl in a big girl's body? (list not exhaustive)

Many of us grew up in families affected by dysfunction caused by emotionally immature and unavailable parents. This resulted in our experiencing:

- physical, sexual, emotional abuse

- neglect

- daddy issues

- abandonment (list not exhaustive)

However, we do not always recognise the part this dis-ease played in shaping us into the individuals we are today. Not suspecting that the experiences we had as children affect us as adults, is it any wonder we are bewildered if we find that our lives today are unmanageable.

If your childhood experiences of growing up in a black family are affecting your adult life and relationships negatively, then step in to The Front Room: you are no longer alone. Also welcome are women that were left by their parents abroad, then "sent for".

In the Front Room we cultivate a state of honesty and trust among black women giving each other the opportunity to truly be ourselves. We lose the "you" v "me" tension and contest that permeates black female relationships. In the Front Room we, Wounded Sistas, talk with each other and reason things out. There is no gossip or criticism, only love and understanding. In the Front Room we do the work so that we can find peace.

Reading List:

Healing the Child Within - Charles Whitfield

Homecoming - John Bradshaw



Why step into The Front Room

• Do you find your business/career success is limited by a self imposed ceiling?

• Do you sabotage yourself?

• Do you find that just as you reach for the finishing point of a goal a switch is flipped and you lose interest or motivation?

• Are "they" out to get you or stopping you achieving?

• Or are you a success to the world outside but inside you feel not good enough?

• Do you find your relationships fracture even with your best efforts?

• Do you need to get over yourself...overworking, over-sexing, over-debting, over-drugging, over-drinking?

• Do you need to get from under yourself...under-earning, underachieving, under-being?

• Do you want love?

Could this behaviour be connected with growing up in the UK with parents who came from a different country with different values?

and/or as you grew up were your feelings not welcomed or acknowledged?

and/or were your needs not met?


Using the structured template of 12 step programmes pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, you are invited into the Front Room to heal by talking, listening, journalling and meditation. In a safe place, you will experience the relief you could not find at another dance, in another relationship, with another child or with a new pair of shoes. Neither could you fill that hole with substances.

The healing effect of meeting in the Front Room on the adult brain and behaviour

"We go into a room where we are with people who are making a commitment to sit calmly through intense feelings...your limbic system gets calmed down" Tian Dayton PhD

"12 Step programmes are like "limbic baths""

For further information about this work visit: http://thefrontroomcode.weebly.com/

Adult children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional families (http://www.al-anonuk.org.uk/listing/helplineindexday/london?items_per_page=All)

Codependency Anonymous (http://www.coda-uk.org/)

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