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Sister thou art wounded.

It is time to address the real problem for and with many black women today.

The real problem is that as a result of our growing up in a dysfunctional environment our soul is wounded.

This was a result of, but is not limited to, exposure to:

- secrets and lies - don't talk, don't think, don't feel

- physical, emotional and sexual abuse

- emotional abandonment

- left abroad and then sent for

- step parents/foster parents

- criminal activity, addiction, indoctrination

- sibling rivalry encouraged i.e. red skin, long hair -v- dark skin, short hair

and plain old out and out bad-minded and ignorant behaviour.

"All of our experiences fuse into our personality.

Everything that ever happened to us is an ingredient." Malcolm X


Research has found that suffering from persistent adverse childhood experiences increase the likelihood of presenting with autoimmune illnesses and depression in adult life. (CDS- Kaiser).
It is clear that no Law of Attraction techniques nor chanting or humming is going to address this. Neither is sending our inner little girl to war against capitalism, racism, sexism, #this or #that. They are symptoms of a dysfunctional society. They are distractions.

It is only with this recovery work that we deal with the root cause of our pain. We can begin to heal through nurturing our inner child and connecting deeply with our heart and spirit. It is then that we will have the sobriety and strength to help heal the world.

CAUTION: Some of the issues raised may bring up disturbing feelings and memories. While you will be held and safe during the meeting you are encouraged to consider counseling or therapy should you start to feel overwhelmed between meetings.

In the Front Room we cultivate a state of honesty and trust among black women giving each other the opportunity to truly be ourselves. We lose the "you" v "me" tension and contest that permeates black female relationships. In the Front Room we wounded Sisters talk with each other and reason things out. There is no gossip or criticism, only love and understanding. In the Front Room we do the work so that we can find peace.

Reading List:

Healing the Child Within - Charles Whitfield

- Loreen Mckellar

Homecoming - John Bradshaw




Using the structured template of 12 step programmes pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, you are invited into the Front Room to heal by talking, listening, journalling and meditation. In a safe place, you will experience the relief you could not find at another dance, in another relationship, with another child or with a new pair of shoes. Neither could you fill that hole with substances.

The healing effect of meeting in the Front Room on the adult brain and behaviour

"We go into a room where we are with people who are making a commitment to sit calmly through intense feelings...your limbic system gets calmed down" Tian Dayton PhD

"12 Step programmes are like "limbic baths""

For further information about this work visit:


http://www.adultchildrenofalcoholics.co.uk (Adult children of alcoholics and dysfunctional families)

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Reclaiming your Inner Child

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Reclaiming your Inner Child

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