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What we’re about

Harness the power of Javascript!

Javascript is the language that was lucky enough to become the most important programing language today:

· It is the one and only language natively spoken by web browsers (location, location, location)

· It is used for building mobile HTML5 applications (i.e. with PhoneGap)

· It is used for building data-intensive scalable servers (with Node.js)

· It is used to build Desktop applications (such as or

· It is used to program hardware (the rise of JS robotics, )

2015 will be one of the most important years for Javascript, as ECMA6 is getting to its final stages – JS will have Classes, Inheritance, Packages and all the things were missing.

Angular.js is a library (by Google) that has changed the way people write Javascript at the browser side. during 2015 we will get Angular 2.0 (oops they did it again) and 2015 will also be the year of web components.

Not convinced?

· JavaScript is the #1 most-used language on GitHub

· Paypal has replaced their entire server side to Node.js:

· For the past few years, most public REST APIs returns JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) as their primary data format.

· Most NoSQL vendors save JSON in the database…

At misterBIT we are focused at the most recent tools to help startups and enterprise organizations find their path in the Javascript world and take it to the next level.

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