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The Future of ICT and You (

As all we know, there are skills always on demand for many fields, jobs; Especially Information & Communication Technology (ICT), the phase that it grows demand steep learning curve for not only freshers but also for people already working in this field;

Agile, Lean, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are few to quote that are in demand now;

This meetup is platform for:

Who should join:

• Students looking to fresh start their career in ICT

• People who are looking for career change-in to ICT

• Women / Men looking for returning to workforce and to pursue career in ICT

Why should members join:

• We are working professional and have network connections with some of the best industry people are willing to provide career guidance, advise, share their experience, learning and how to?

• There are lot of people who look for some kind of mentor, support, guidance and help them by advising where to start career IT?, what to look for? How to work towards? If this sounds you, then you are coming to the right meetup :)

• If you are working professional and willing to share your experience with members and community in general, then why not come along and help them; if this sounds you, then you are most welcome and give supporting hands;

What members can expect

• We do not provide jobs or promise job, let us be clear; This is to help the community in general (read who should join section);

• You get to meet people who are working, connect with them

• You get to hear from people who have switched their career to ICT

• You get to learn from people, who have gone thru this path already and they are willing speed up your start, journey and search

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