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Tales tell of an LGS deep within the sun baked city scape of Manhatten Beach, CA. A place where Planeswalkers sling spells at one another with reckless abandon! A place where the Rebel Alliance tries to out maneuver the Scum of the universe as well as the persistent and oppressive Empire! A place where mighty adventurers of countless origins embark upon grand quests for the promise of redemption, salvation, or sometimes just the promises of untold riches! Could such a place exist? Would the universe be able to sustain such a concentrated point of awesome? Of course! We're just a couple doors down from the Trader Joes on aviation and Manhatten Beach Blvd.

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Pokemon Thursdays

The Game Hub

Be the very best! Like no one ever was! Come and play the Pokémon trading card game! Want to learn how to play? Get in-store instruction on Thursdays from 6-8pm.

Friday Night Magic!

The Game Hub

All experience levels welcome! Weekly draft tournaments! Want to learn how to play? Get in-store instruction on Fridays from 6-8pm.

Board game Sunday

The Game Hub

Bring your favorite board games and your favorite friends! Let's just hang out and play some games!

X-Wing Casuals

The Game Hub

Suit up, the galaxy needs you. Join us Tuesday night in a galaxy far far away as we play the X-Wing miniatures game.

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Dungeons & Dragons Adventures

The Game Hub

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