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We are a family friendly game store that provides a great, casual environment for gamers of all types to meet and play games! We will continue to pursue our passion to create and maintain a local place where people of all ages, interested in all types of games can come together and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from personal interaction and the strategy of gaming face to face!

The Gamer's Armory has tables and terrain available for open gaming during regular business hours and we also have a Store Library with samples of many popular games available for customers to test before they buy it! We host a variety of game nights, tournaments, demos and special events in our Store.

The Gamer's Armory
683-F Cary Towne Boulevard
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 238-4817


Upcoming events (5+)

Miniatures Night

The Gamer's Armory

Join us every Tuesday night for Miniatures Night! On Tuesday nights we setup the miniatures tables and terrain and roll dice. We have open play and frequently run leagues to support these games: Age of Sigmar Warhammer 40K Warmachine/Hordes

Warhammer 40K - Kill Team Winter League

Needs a location

Players will follow all of the official rules found in the official Kill Team Rulebook for matched play. As this is a campaign to help new players ease into Kill Team, we won’t be following the rules for narrative campaign tracking (like casualties, losses, specialist skills past Lvl 1, so so on). Players should build their list each week as if they were headed to a matched play event. Tactical Objective Cards: Each week players will receive two unique tactics cards for use in that week’s games. Players can use either or both of those tactics during that week’s games. Tactics cards for use each week will be as follows: Week One - Decisive Strike & Stimm-Shot Week Two - Tactical Re-Roll & More Bullets Week Three - Decisive Shot & Custom Ammo Week Four - Decisive Move & Rousing Transmission Week Five - Up and at ‘em! & Lead By Example Week Six - Gritted Teeth & Insane Bravery Week Seven - TBA In order to represent the various factions receiving additional reinforcements before the end of the campaign, in Weeks Five and Six, players are encouraged (though not required) to make use of the Kill Team Commanders rules to include a commander in their forces. If both players agree beforehand, everyone is welcome to use commanders throughout the league. When players complete a match, they should obtain a results slip and fill it out. Players are limited to two official league results each week (two game reporting limit). For results tracking, a win counts as 3 points, a loss counts as 1. The player with the most points at the conclusion of the league is the overall winner. In Week Seven, players with equal scores may be asked to have a tiebreaker battle. In the event that one of the players is not present, the winner will be decided by win percentage. Cost is $5.00.

Weekly Board Game Night

The Gamer's Armory

Join us for Board Game Night every Wednesday Night from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm! Bring your favorite game with you and get others to join you, join someone else's game or borrow a game from our ever expanding Store Library!

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventurer's League

The Gamer's Armory

Join us on Wednesday nights for the current season of D&D Adventurer's League. Player Information: Existing players and new players are both welcome. Players can create their own characters or use pre-generated ones. All players are encouraged to have their own set of Poly 7 dice. We normally have several tables going each week. If you are new, we should be able to get you added to a table.

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