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What we’re about

The Games Co-Op is a monthly meetup for all things game development!

Here's what you've got to look forward to:
- Meet other professional and hobbyist developers from all corners of the industry: From students to AAA leads, programmers to artists, we've got a great mix of people. Maybe you'll find a partner for your next project!
- Showcase your current project: Bring your laptop, console, pieces of paper, or whatever the latest version of your game is on and get people to play it. It's a great source of playtesters and feedback. Also, we'll be giving free Steam keys to anyone who demos a project during one of the events!
- Check out other people's games: See what the community is working on right now and check it out first hand. Give feedback and get inspired!
- Participate in 1GAM: 1 Game A Month (1GAM) is a monthly game jam. We set a theme each month and using that (or not) you can challenge yourself to make a game to show off at the next meetup.
- Join the Game Club: At each meetup we pick a game and take some time to play it over the next month. At the next meetup we regroup to discuss what we thought of the game and pick a new one. We've had some really interesting discussions and debates over some great (and not so great) games!

Join our discord channel to keep in touch with folks in between events!