What we're about

A Gamification Meetup here in the Netherlands? Splendid idea! But what will it be exactly?

Gamification World Meetup Netherlands is a partnership with Gamification World (GW) (http://gamification.world/) focused on spreading the word about Gamification in the Netherlands, and offering access to resources (events, online courses, workshops and the like) to everyone interested in the field.

We envision the group to be the meeting point for the Gamification community in the Netherlands. Whether you are working within the field of gamification or merely interested in how gamification can be used, all are welcome. This way we exchange information, inform people properly and propel gamification forward.

So, are you designing gamification solutions? Are you searching for a way to employ gamification within your company? Or are you simply intrigued in the truth behind badges and progress bars? Then join one of our meetings and join the dialogue!

Gamification World Netherlands is also associated with the Create Converge project: www.createconverge.eu.

The group was formerly known as the Gamification Meetup Group, but as of February 2015 we have partnered up with GW, and we are now the GW ambassadors in the Netherlands.

Past events (15)

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The Tara

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GWN Fall Congress

Impact Hub Amsterdam

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