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“The Gathering Of Messengers" = Gathering together to learn and share Divine messages which aid in forward progression, help answer questions, and open the mind to new thoughts and ideas. In addition, techniques for healing past emotional wounds and releasing antiquated programming are shared and demonstrated.

The importance of removing the unneeded programming and weighted emotional energies is to aid each person with the ability to make decisions for their current life based on their truths of Now, not on reactions from past experiences. As it stands, because the emotional wounds of the past burrow deeply into a persons being, they are not clear to think and move freely without lugging the heavy load of entangled negative complexities behind them, affecting their every action and reaction. TGOM Events are surrounded in Love and are Divinely-Charged. They are open to all.

We help to lighten your load by aiding in the release of energies you no longer need, we deliver new messages given to us from the Universe. We strive to help make a difference of good in all that is and will be. Please Join Us! We will be honored to have you!

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