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The Geek Club South Bay was created so that geeks of all kinds could meet to make friends and participate in fun activities. We host events of all kinds, including board game nights, movie marathons, Sci Fi book clubs, and video game parties. We're pretty sure we've got something for every geek out there!

Upcoming events (5+)

Board Game Potluck @ Alex and Catherine's!

Alex and Catherine's Apartment

Grab your favorite board game and some good food, and bring it on over to my place! Geeky board games welcome (Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan)... though if you're set on playing anything super time-consuming (Risk, Monopoly), your experience might not be as fun/varied. A bonus note on snacks: While snacks are nice to have, if you have time, please try to bring something appropriate for dinner. If you don't have time to make something, please consider picking up something dinnery from the ready-made section of the grocery store or something similar. If things need microwaving, heating, etc we can definitely help out with that! OUR GAMES: 7 Wonders + Cities & Leaders expansions, Alhambra, Anomia, Archipelago, Azul, Bananagrams, Blokus, Carcassonne, Cards Against Humanity + 4 expansions, Castles of Burgundy, Chaos in the Old World + expansion, Citadels, Codenames, Concept, Coup, Dixit, Dominion, Hanabi, Istanbul, Just Desserts, Kemet, Love Letter, Munchkin, Mysterium, Pit, Power Grid, Puerto Rico, The Resistance + Hostile Intent expansion, Race for the Galaxy, Set, Settlers/Cities and Knights of Catan, Slide 5, Splendor, Sushi Go Party, Ticket to Ride, Tigris & Euphrates

California Extreme!

santa clara convention center

It's time for California Extreme, the gathering of video game and pinball owners to build ONE GIANT TWO DAY ARCADE! http://www.caextreme.org/ We'll meet Saturday at 10 in the entry area (I will post updates) to game and relax, and then about 12:30-1:00 we'll get lunch!

(Mostly) Co-Op Board Gaming

Location visible to members

Swing on by and join in on some cooperative board gaming! There will be plenty of opportunities to save the world. As always, bring some games if you'd like to play them (there's no strict co-op requirement, as you can see from my own collection). Please, no young children. My place isn't well-suited to have kids around (too many breakable knick-knacks, sharp edges, glass, etc.), so I'd like to avoid the opportunity for unfortunate accidents. Thanks for understanding! New in my collection since the last event: * TBD My collection (more or less correct): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18Iq4EjKsCUkJh1RqiYuQ1M7IbfoZg1evENWh_twYZ4I/view Q&A: Q: Why "Mostly"? A: The games for this range from full co-op, to traitor mechanic, to one against all. And, of course, non-co-op games are welcome as well! Q: Can I bring my own games? A: Of course! If there's something you'd love to play, feel free to bring it over! Q: Food? A: I'll probably have some form of snackage and drinks available, but more is always welcome. However, food is NOT allowed at gaming tables due to the associated mess on the board games. Sorry!

Movies, Games, and More

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Movies, Movies, Movies! Come one, Come all! See awesome performances not seen anywhere else*. See the lowly peons become kings. See the high-class find true love with a commoner. Find yourself rooting for the good guys! The underdog! Ohhing when you find out who done it. Screaming when it's scary! Laughing at funny jokes. Crying when hearts are broken and when they're put back together again. Best of all, do all of this with friends. *OK I lie, they're seen everywhere, but it's more fun as a meetup :) Here's the deal: 1) The meetup starts at 7:30, we'll get the movie started around 8-8:15. Try to arrive before then. If you don't, you'll likely be sitting in the back. 2) After the movie, we can choose what we want to do. We can watch a second movie, or play board games. 3) Snacks are good. People may be coming from work, so some dinner type items might be a good idea. I'll attempt to have at least one. 4) Please keep your RSVP up to date. Space is limited. RSVPs freeze the night before the meetup. What this means is wait-listers will not automatically move up to attendees. When RSVPs are frozen, space is up for grabs. If you see a spot and want to come, let me know (via comment or meetup message). I'll move people up. 5) Please don't use your phones during the movie. They're distracting! Yay Movies! Yay Games! and Most Important of All YAY GEEKS!

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