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(Mostly) Co-Op Board Gaming
Swing on by and join in on some cooperative board gaming! There will be plenty of opportunities to save the world. As always, bring some games if you'd like to play them (there's no strict co-op requirement). In order to provide a bit more focus, each month will have a theme, although other games are, of course, available. This month's theme: Deck Building! Specifically those where players start with a pre-set deck of cards and obtain cards from a common pool (as versus those where decks are either built before play or decks are modified over multiple playthroughs). • Dragonfire ( • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle ( (+ Monster Box of Monsters) • Hero Realms ( (+ Ruin of Thandar, Dragon, Lich, all Character Packs) • Shadowrun: Crossfire ( (+ all expansions) • Spirit Island ( (+ Branch & Claw) Non-Co-Op: • Ascension ( (+ Storm of Souls, Rise of Vigil) Please, no young children. My place isn't well-suited to have kids around (too many breakable knick-knacks, sharp edges, glass, etc.), so I'd like to avoid the opportunity for unfortunate accidents. Thanks for understanding! Q&A: Q: Why "Mostly"? A: The games for this range from full co-op, to traitor mechanic, to one against all. So mostly co-op, but not quite all the way there! Q: Can I bring my own games? A: Of course! I'd prefer that we keep the theme, but if there's something you'd love to play, feel free to bring it over! Q: Food? A: I'll probably have some form of snackage and drinks available, but more is always welcome.

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