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Boardgame Potluck @ Craig & Jennie's!

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We want to make sure that as many people as possible get to participate in a boardgame night each month since they are the most popular event, so please follow the guidelines on each of the other boardgame nights... if you're already attending or are waitlisted on one (hosting does not count as attending), please wait until Thursday, January 23rd before RSVPing to this event.

Grab your favorite board game and some good food, and bring it on over! Geeky board games welcome (Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan)... though if you're set on playing anything super time-consuming (Risk, Monopoly), your experience might not be as fun/varied.


Most people come straight from work without getting a chance to eat dinner. Please be considerate and bring something dinnery, ideally home cooked or "real food" rather than sugar/salt/fat-laden snacks. We appreciate it if you don't bring chips and dip (they never get eaten) and as a general rule, do bring something you are willing to (a) eat yourself, and (b) take home afterwards. No food left behind! (We don't want the dog accidentally eating leftovers and getting sick.)


Please note, if you are allergic to pets, we have two cats and a dog. Our dog is a very enthusiastic 100-lb Labrador, if you are scared of dogs please let both Craig and Jennie know when you arrive and we will do our best to keep him out of the action so you are comfortable.


Games we have in the house: Dominion, Smallworld, King of Tokyo, Munchkin, Fluxx (Monty Python+original), Castle Panic, Defenders of the Realm, Zombie Dice, Get Bit, Zombicide, Escape from Castle Ravenloft, Galaxy Trucker, Cards against Humanity+expansions.


Downtown Mountain View on Friday/Saturday nights does tend to fall a little short on parking. We are close to the Mountain View Caltrain/VTA stop. You can usually find residential parking on Villa/Oak/Franklin/Dana streets and there is a huge parking lot on Franklin@Villa (opposite Tied House). The parking directly opposite our house is the Mountain View police department and attendees have been ticketed for parking there - we recommend you don't! You can pull up in our driveway to drop people/stuff off if needed, but the drive is shared with our neighbours, so please don't leave your car there.