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Super Cutz: 100 BEST KILLS - Update!

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I'll let the Drafthouse speak for itself:

Join us as we sit in a theater together and turn the spotlight on the Grim Reaper of movieland as he disembowels, detonates and decapitates again and again and again. We’re not watching for character development or thematic resolution or any of that garbage; just the most life-defying acts of human extermination in film history. No man, woman, child or puppy is spared as the equalizing fist of mortality crushes cinema’s best and worst into quivering red chowder. Tear yourself open and unleash the KIIILLLLLLLL!!!!!

If this sounds like a rollicking good time to you (for FIVE DOLLARS - $5!), then you should come out! :D Drafthouse is excellent about having a top-notch beer selection and good eats, and these kind of events are usually a fun deal. And I don't see how a night full of good beer and good gore can go wrong. ;)

(I can't say for certain whether this will sell out or not - all I can say that I've seen other special screenings in other Drafthouse locations sell out. So if you want to make sure you can go, I suggest maybe buying your tickets in advance, just in case. Available on the website!)

Look forward to seeing you guys there and unleashing the KIIILLLLLLLL!!!!! ;D

UPDATE: Tickets are STILL AVAILABLE! Be sure to come on out tomorrow night and revel in some carnage! :D

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