Module 2/5 | Lean Startup | Art of Obtaining Early Feedback from Future Clients

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Centre universitaire d'informatique, Battelle Bat. A, Route de Drize 7, 1227 Carouge

University of Geneva, Institute of Services Science (ISS) 1227 Carouge · Genève

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Module 2/5 | Lean Startup | The art of obtaining non-filtered feedback about the product or service you plan to sell.

Dear Smart Member,

There are two expressions that are treasured and recurrent in Lean Startup methodology: “Falling in love with your product or service” and “Getting out of the building”.

(Event format: 90 minutes of high quality training which includes hands-on exercises in subgroups. From 20h30 onwards, informal networking with fellow participants.)

Many entrepreneurs in startups and large companies are passionate about the product or service they are building. In their minds, they already picture the thousands of customers who are queuing up to buy their new and wonderful creation.

Unfortunately, reality shows that the customers they have in mind do not necessarily need or want the solution their product or service intends to solve. When this realisation dawns, it's often too late.

Many ventures fail because there is lack of understanding of what potential customers really want.

This session is about Customer Discovery. You learn how to listen to what potential clients want, rather than what you think they need.

Your three take away’s are:

1. The Customer Discovery interview. How to prepare one.

2. Cool Communication techniques. How to conduct the customer discovery interview, using cool communication techniques, best practice, tips and tricks.

3. Practice. During the hands-on session, you get to practice the newly discovered knowledge in a safe and friendly environment.

Looking forward to sharing a powerful moment with you.

Doris, Giorgio, Jim, Vincenzo

(Organising team)