Module 4/5 | Lean Startup |An innovative game to bootstrap your MVP

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Centre universitaire d'informatique, Battelle Bat. A, Route de Drize 7, 1227 Carouge

University of Geneva, Institute of Services Science (ISS) 1227 Carouge · Genève

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Module 4/5 | Lean Startup |An innovation game approach to bootstrap your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Dear Smart Member,

This workshop is about discovering the characteristics & features of your Minimum Viable Product or Service. To find value and prioritise the features, we use a method that is part of the toolset of serious gaming.

(Event format: 90 minutes of high quality training which includes hands-on exercises in subgroups. From 20h30 onwards, informal networking with fellow participants.)

Many times, development teams are very excited about features they should add to their products & services, and a little less so when it comes to evaluating the resources they need to add them.

During this session, you uncover ways to develop more relevant products or services by introducing a customer-centric product innovation process.

Customer-centric innovation...
refers to various techniques we can employ to drive product and service innovations through interactions with customers.

The technique chose for this workshop is a game entitled Buy a Feature which is part of a toolbox called Innovation Games.

Participants take away 3 powerful insights:

1. How to create a list of your product’s features and how to price these features.

2. A customer-centric technique that helps you prioritise the initial set of features for your Minimal Viable Product (MVP), through serious gaming

3. First hand and real-time observation about how a simple (but not simplistic) game can engage customers as a group and how this group can make a major contribution to validate your assumptions.

Please join us for this fun and essential workshop.

Hope to see you there.

Doris, Giorgio, Jim, Vincenzo

(Organising Team)