Make your market talk (II) - Capture insights and learn from experiments.

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Target audience:
- Aspiring or experienced entrepreneurs who grasp the overall lean startup concept.
- Entrepreneurs who are familiar with business model canvas or value proposition canvas.
- Entrepreneurs who understand the lean startup methodology flow which includes Customer Discovery and Customer Validation.

Event flow:
This is both a training and networking event. Join us early, from 18h30 onwards for a first drink. The formal interactive training lasts 90 minutes (from 19h00 to 20h30 hours). There are drinks and snacks from 20h30, allowing you to continue the conversation with your fellow participants. Most people love staying on and you'll always find someone to talk to.

Workshop description:
In the previous module, we learnt how to extract hypotheses, how to prioritise them and how to choose the most appropriate experiment.

In this session, we outline the outcomes of the experiment in terms of data and results. What conclusions and insights can we derive from the test results, and what actions are appropriate?

At the end of this training, participants will have gained 3 take aways, in other words, you will have learnt:

1. How to structure insights and conclusions. (based on gathered data)

2. How to move on. You experimented and learnt, now what?

3. How to be consistent and speedy. Choose the most appropriate experiment, based on the Learning cycle you are at.

You'll be given a pre-defined set of exercises during the hands-on session.

NEW! For participants who wish to work on their own project, we propose to organise a one-day training session, allowing you to capture your own insights and learn from your own experiments - in a safe and friendly environment. You'll benefit from invaluable feedback of peers and experts.

Places are limited and you'll need to have attended this workshop first. If you are interested - and to help us set a date - please drop me a line.

We look forward to seeing you on 19th February.

Doris, Giorgio, Jim, Vincenzo