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The Georgia Companion Bird Society (formerly known as The Georgia Cage Bird Society) was formed in 1955, and is a club for devoted parrot & bird owners/lovers. Our meetings are held monthly at the Smyrna Community Center in Smyrna, GA. Our purpose is to bring parrot people together for education, fun, networking and friendship, & as an "Adopt Don't Shop" organization, our focus goal is to support Georgia-based 501(c)(3) parrot/bird rescues & sanctuaries, and help the hundreds of surrendered or unwanted rescue & sanctuary birds find safe and loving homes.

Our monthly meetings include educational presentations by local Avian Veterinarians as well as various individuals with expertise in specific parrot/bird species. Many of our meetings are social events, but ALL of our meetings are solely for the birds, meaning that your healthy, clipped or harnessed well-mannered feathered kids are welcome to accompany you to the meetings!

Our "birdie" attendees ranges from the tiniest of Finches to the largest of Macaws & every kind of bird in between. In addition to the meetings, we have Spring and Fall bird picnics at Red Top Mountain, field trips, & separately from the club, many of us enjoy "Birds' Brunches or Dinners Out" at various patio restaurants in the Atlanta area.

If you want to have fun & make friends with others that are bird-crazy, this is the club for you! Please support the Georgia Companion Bird Society with an annual renewable membership:

Individual Membership: $20.00 - - - Family Membership: $25.00 - - - Monthly Membership: $5.00

Janelle Tait Kovner: birdsareus@yahoo.com

Vice-President & Organizer: Georgia Companion Bird Society

Chief Communications Director: Papayago Rescue House, 501(c)(3) Parrot Rescue

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