What we're about

Women, Come in, get away from it all. Retreat into the Girl Cave where you can let your hair down, relax, be pampered, meet other women, share ideas, receive support and be ready to enter the world again a little more refreshed and ready to take on the Super Woman Roles we all play .

This Meetup was created with our needs in mind. A time out to care for ourselves as women. This is a community of women of all races who just want that special place to put the many hats down for a few moments, and be themselves. As we grow, smaller specialized groups can be formed for you to meet those specifically that enjoy your Interests.like the "Natural Sistas Meetup" that focuses on women of color with Natural Hair (We need beauty professionals now to service this group) and "Birth it!" A Women's Business support and growth group.

As the organizer, it is my personal passion to see women grow and flourish in every way. So much so, I created a real physical place (The Girl Cave) from my personal funds and those of investors to facilitate our best selves, self care and pampering we all deserve. I want to use that place, The Girl Cave , to help women FLOURISH.

So, we will Meetup to enjoy :
Beauty Parties to Rejuvenate, beauty and just have fun. The more that join the more we can leverage our numbers to get exclusive discounts in the Girl Cave Beauty Center

Have girls nights out and outings to cater to range of likings to make friends and build lasting connections

Foster career development and support one another through networking events and business/service spotlights

Share tips and enjoy presentations from those who can help us in the many areas of life from finances to marriage

Now that you know what we are about , come join us, retreat, relax and be refreshed!

Women from all walks of life ,Beauty professionals of all kinds needed and business owners with women's services are encouraged to join to network and provide your services.
The Girl Cave is also hiring talented Beauty and Pampering professionals of all kinds to provide services for all different types of hair,skin and beauty needs to our diverse community as it grows.

Professionals can rent space by the event, day, week and month and long term. Booths and private rooms available where you can operate your brand within the Girl Cave and have access to this community.

So what are you waiting for ladies? Let's build this awesome community together.

See you inside the Cave!


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