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The Glasgow Diners Group is for everyone who loves socializing, food and eating out.

Group will offer a good platform where you can meet & greet some nice people, share some delicious food & drink and get to know one another with similar interests.

Group will aim to organise regular socialising, food and eating out activities (breakfasts, lunches, afternoon tea / coffee, dinner, etc).

We shall try to arrange at least 2 meetups a month usually at one of Glasgow's restaurants, cafes or pubs, but everyone is welcome to suggest a meetup so if you have an idea for one please do so.

We must have a photo/picture of yourself before you can join the Glasgow Diners, this is so we can recognise you when you come to an event.

The Glasgow Diners, welcome all recommendations & suggestions you fancy doing and we take it from there.

Please read group membership rules below before joining;


We would like members to attend a meet within 3 months of joining; if they don't they will be removed as there is no point to keep membership, if they are not coming to any meetups or even don't sign up to site.


Once you have joined and paid your fees, it would be great if you can join us for a meal or event within 3 months.

There is no point in joining and not participating in anything. If not you will be removed.


There is an annual fee of £4.00 for group membership, this is to cover the meetup subscription cost and expenses. This fee should be paid once you have been accepted as a member. if you do not pay it, then unfortunately I will have to remove them from the group.


With regard to no shows; no shows are frowned upon in most meetups and this group is no exception. If you have RSVPd yes to a meetup but find that you cannot make it for whatever reason please change your RSVP to no ASAP. It's common courtesy to the organizer and the other members, also to any restaurant where a table may have been booked for a certain number of people. I assume you wouldn't arrange to meet with a friend and then just not appear without any explanation so please don't think it is acceptable behaviour in this group either.

Despite already mentioning this on a number of occasions some people still aren't getting the message and as such I have decided to implement the 3 strikes rule. Failure to turn up at 3 meetups that you have RSVPd yes to and you will be removed from the group. Should you feel that this is unjust and you wish to be reinstated as a member of the group you can email me and under certain circumstances I may consider allowing you to rejoin the group.


It's great to see the group growing slowly but surely, however there are a fair number that have joined who have never been seen or heard of again. Anyone who has been inactive for more than 9 months will be removed from the group. As I see no point in having the group's numbers artificially boosted by inactive members. As above, should you wish to rejoin the group at any point you may be allowed to do so, so long as it is your intention to be an active member.

Look forward to you joining us and meeting up for a meal or a drink, in the not too distant future.


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Cantonese dinner - Loon Fung

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Evening meal at The Italian Kitchen Caffe

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Spanish Tapas at PESCADO

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Eats & Drinks at Rab Ha's Pub/Hotel

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Evening meal at The Meat Bar

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