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• WHO ARE WE? We are a small Central London based War Party (bunch of mates) of like minded individuals interested in Tabletop Gaming, Entertainment and Adventuring looking to socialise and roll dice in pleasant company with good humour over casual conversation. Away from the burn of every day work life.

• WHAT DO WE PLAY? We play a vast eclectic assortment of card and boardgames from casual Ameritrash to deep Euros; Agricola to Zombicide, Avalon to Werewolf, Age Of Empires to Olympos etc. We also play War and Miniatures Strategy games as well as Murder Mysteries and Party games. Alongside gaming we also participate in Escape Rooms, Cinema, Eating Out/Dining and Outdoor Events/Activities. We're also known for play-testing new designs, mechanics and prototypes for gaming companies and designers. In fact, several of our members work in that industry.

• WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? We are seeking other like minded Adventurers who are CALM, SENSIBLE, AMICABLE and looking to join a SOCIAL CIRCLE as well as a gaming group. We are normally 'Invitation Only' but occasionally host open events for interested parties. Membership is free, there are no costs or joining fees. Our maximum membership capacity is 50, which is our Meetup subscription limit, and cannot take on any more beyond that.

• DO I NEED ANY GAMING EXPERIENCE? Not at all. We have a very eclectic mix of demographics from complete newbies to exp gamers, young and old, male and female, shy and confidant of various professions etc. All we ask is for the ability to learn/pick up new games esp modern games with the right attitude and respect to other members. We do not play commercial games such as Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, Chess etc.

• HOW DO I JOIN? Please message an Organiser or send us a Joining Request for a 2 month trial membership as we often play at private residences and not just public houses/locations. We will not take any offence if you find our group to be not suitable for you at the end of the trial as we understand not everyone will be suitable for our group. We avoid the Facebook mentality of collecting friends/groups but never actually interacting with them, and we will not be used to 'enhance' your online popularity/presence, so serious joining requests only as we are extremely limited for space. Time-wasters will be banned.

• ANY REGULAR LOCATIONS? We have a regular weekly public venues in Chelsea, Central London to game as well as private residences around the local area. We find Central the best mutual common ground for members to travel in from as we live all over London.

• COOL, SOUNDS GOOD. ANYTHING ELSE I NEED TO KNOW? We are a PRIVATE members group not an open public forum. As such we're aiming to remain small and retain the circle-of-friends atmosphere as opposed to a crowded sweaty room filled with bad mannered strangers with poor hygiene arguing over dice rolls. You MUST also display a genuine photo of yourself on Meetup so we know who to expect and look for when you attend. Fake photos will be automatically dismissed. If you think we are for you then get in touch, we're always on the look out for individuals with the right attitude.

If you would like to find out more, please scroll down.

**Do not apply if you are ABUSIVE, ARGUMENTATIVE, ILL TEMPERED, EASILY OFFENDED, UNHYGIENIC or AGGRESSIVE. POOR MANNERS and INAPPROPRIATENESS will NOT be tolerated. There are plenty of other Meetup groups for that. No time wasters, please!**


Additional Info:

• WHY LIMIT YOURSELF TO 50 MEMBERS? We are restricted by our subscription tariff we pay to Meetup. Currently it is $60 for 6 months which affords us 50 members max. We have no intention of upgrading our tier as we want to retain the friendly everyone-knows-each-other atmosphere as opposed to the drop-in, drop-out, mass strangers in a sweaty room feel. As such membership is very limited. Our main organiser covers the subscription keeping the group cost free with no joining fee.

• WHAT ARE THE EVENTS LIKE? Being a private members group everyone knows each other and it is a very warm fun atmosphere in an enjoyable safe environment. It is more like a social circle of friends sharing similar interests, humour and hobbies than a random gaming club where you don't know the person you're rolling dice with. Something to bear in mind if you are interested in our group :)

• WHY ARE YOUR EVENT LOCATIONS AND MEMBERS HIDDEN? We often host events at our own homes. Would you want the world to know where you live?

• SECURITY IS IMPORTANT, HEY? Absolutely. We have had disruptive trial guests in the past and would like to avoid these types of trouble makers in the future. As a meetup group we function more like a collective of friends so if you're abusive, bad tempered and/or inappropriate then you may want to reconsider.

• WHO CAN JOIN? We have a very diverse demographic ranging from age, gender, profession and ethnicity. We do attract a lot of females, professionals and academics due to our safeguarded environment and security policies but absolutely anyone can register interest so long as you are of the right attitude and character. Additionally you MUST display a TRUE profile photo of YOURSELF so members know who to expect when you attend. Please message an Organisor if you have any further questions.


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The Tuesday Troublemakers 5.45pm

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The Tuesday Troublemakers 5.45pm

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