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What we're about

Simpy said: when you're a MAN and you wanna hang out with MEN, do cool MANLY things and live on the edge sometimes: JOIN US!

You're thinking: this is only for MEN? Well......YES! But don't worry guys, NO female members doesn't mean we don't hang out with women during our events:)

Basically THE GOOD LIFE MEN society is a ongoing bachelor's party without the bachelor, It's MEN time!

Things you love to do:

Challenge yourself physically with adventurous activities such as:
Hiking, Mountainbiking, Kayaking, skydiving, Kitesurfing & Much more.

You enjoy the good TASTY things in life:
Beer/wine/whisky-tastings, GOOD food & much more.

You LOVE live sports events and will join us for trips to
Football, Rugby, F1, MMA/UFC & much more like to Have MEN weekends aways and visit cool cities and places(Like in the Hangover movie...).

Its MEN time! JOIN US and we will make sure you will tick all the boxes of your life bucketlist of things you wanna do!


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