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I am learning Python. Would love to connect with folks that are also interested (or proficient) in this stack

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    Welcome to the Greater Hartford Python Group!

    Learn Python.

    Or, learn more Python.

    Join us and become a more effective software architect and developer!

    Welcome to the Greater Hartford Python Group--where you will meet fellow software and Python enthusiasts and professionals--as we work to build and strengthen the community of software architects and developers; Python and Python-based application developers, architects and designers; and other computing technologists in Connecticut.

    Python is a fun, powerful, yet easy-to-learn programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains in industry, and is increasingly a language of choice in computer science education due to its clear, readable syntax, natural expressiveness and versatility.

    Join our group as a newcomer to Python or as an accomplished Pythonista. We hope that your participation in our group will help you and others to increase their understanding of what Python can do, the best practices to apply when using Python and Python-based tools, and generally, how to be a more productive, more effective and more knowledgeable software architect and developer.

    Please do not hesitate to share your ideas with us and help steer our group towards becoming an invaluable source of information and networking opportunities. We hope you will find our group to be a passionate and fun group which is enthusiastic to grow and help all those interested in Python and software development--beginners, journeymen and experts--by sharing our collective knowledge, expertise, experiences and ideas.

    Over the past few years, I have focused my attention on Python. I have started this group to share my knowledge and experience and to learn from other Pythonistas. My background includes a wide range of expertise as a computer scientist with experience in academia and industry in a number of application areas (computer graphics, design automation, computer aided design, computer architecture, programming languages and web development).

    My passion is the exploration and education of computer science, computing technologies, software development and innovative software applications. I find computing and software fun, intriguing, intuitive, educational beyond its surface technology and fulfilling, and I'd like many more to experience computer science and software development in that way whether they are enthusiasts or professionals.

    With this meetup, I would like to hold monthly meetups with short and long presentations by group members; study different Python practices, techniques, libraries, frameworks and applications; perhaps, create an open source application as part of the group's activities; and, perhaps, seek out financial sponsors to help attract speakers from outside of the area. I plan to offer introductory and advanced workshops on Python and Python-based applications, and to connect the group with book publishers so that we can offer door prizes to meeting attendees.

    I'd enjoy hearing any ideas you may have to offer. I'm looking forward to meeting you at our next meetup.

    Mark Friedman, Organizer

    The Greater Hartford Python Group

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