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Happy New Years. Just back from an amazing trip to India and its wonderful history and culture still alive and kicking all under its weird magic and madness. So, hence this new approach to bringing a more up to date vision of Indian history via its arts & culture. This year, more theatre, museum visits, movies, art galleries, restaurants etc. Etc. Are planned in the Meet-ups to come. So anyone interested in posting events, talks etc. In connection to India, please go ahead and do so. Enjoy,


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Vedanta- Ancient time tested knowledge for a thoughtful & happy life.

This introductory course is made of 12 weekly one hour lectures that weave together to provide a panoramic overview of Vedanta. Come and experience the system of logical knowledge to the fundamental questions of life.
There are several online classes to choose from on [masked].U.K. But I can only put one zoom link on meetup.

Shringara & visual aesthetics in India

Online event

Prof. Ashrafi Bhagat speaks at Princeton university about visual aesthetics in Indian Art & culture.
Prof. Bhagat is a renowned art historian from Chennai & a very knowledgeable speaker across the spectrum of Indian Artistic traditions.

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