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Sometime in the late sixteen hundreds, this very bright British chap named John Locke defined goodness as that which creates happiness. Sounds good so far. Almost two thousand years earlier another also very sharp Greek dude named Aristotle wrote that not only is happiness the greatest good, it’s the only end in life, everything else being just a means. Okay, that makes sense too.

This group has two goals. The first is to explore the relationship between happiness and goodness. The second, much more fun, goal is for us to become much happier just by getting together and talking about happiness. The theory behind this second goal comes from a classic psychology study showing that by simply talking regularly about happiness we can become much happier.

While we'll depart from them whenever and however much we may wish, like by talking about gratitude, acts of kindness, meditation and other happiness techniques, the following list of 14 topics will serve as a backdrop for our discussions:

1. Keep busy and be more active

2. Spend more time socializing

3. Be productive at meaningful work

4. Get better organized and plan things out

5. Stop worrying

6. Lower your expectations and aspirations

7. Develop positive, optimistic thinking

8. Become present oriented

9. Develop an outgoing, social personality

10. Work on a healthy personality

11. Be yourself

12. Eliminate negative feelings and problems

13. Close relationships are the number one source of happiness

14. Put happiness as your most important priority.

Here's some background on the research our group is based on:

In 1980 three New Zealand researchers found that after eight 2-hour conversation sessions about happiness over four weeks, their subjects reported a 22 percent increase in their happiness. Continuing their twice-weekly sessions, by the sixteenth week they reported being 42 percent happier.

Our list of topics comes from Fort Myers, Florida psychologist Michael Fordyce's "14 Fundamentals of Happiness." In 1977, Fordyce pioneered the science of happiness-increase with the world's first experiment designed to boost individual happiness.

That's the group, and those are our goals. It's also very, very important that we have fun. With that in mind, let's get ready to get good and happy!


For those interested in learning about the major findings from social science research about happiness, and becoming happier, here are links to several excellent peer-reviewed articles that can be downloaded as pdf files for free. (Note: Although these classic articles are somewhat dated, decades of research on happiness reveal that findings on happiness tend to be extremely stable over time.)

Pursuing Happiness: The Architecture of Sustainable Change

By S Lyubomirsky, KM Sheldon and D Schkade, 2005. 21 pages

In Pursuit of Happiness: Empirical Answers to Philosophical Questions (http://internal.psychology.illinois.edu/%7Eediener/Documents/Kesebir-Diener_2008.pdf)

By P Kesebir and E Diener, 2008. 9 pages.

Subjective Well-Being: Three Decades of Progress (http://internal.psychology.illinois.edu/%7Eediener/Documents/Diener-Suh-Lucas-Smith_1999.pdf) By E Diener, EM Suh, RE Lucas and HL Smith, 1999. 27 pages

Upcoming events (4+)

From Fear & Phobias to Freedom-How to End Self sabotage- Zoom Event

we tend to be impatient, and lost in the past or in the future instead of being present During This Fear and Panic time . We also tend to resist or react to things by denying, commenting, or judging them rather than being receptive and trying to understand them. This reaction creates more stress.

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Tickets are $8.50 only .

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Date - 21 September - 14.00 Pm to 15.30 pm .

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Have you ever wanted to go from fear to total confidence, but you just find that something is stopping you?

In this hour and half online talk, Harley Street therapist, Christopher Paul Jones will give you the life changing ‘mind tools’ that will help you understand how and why fear is stopping you, and give you the power to do something about it.

Once you understand your fear, you will then be able to remove it. Christopher will teach you not only how to break through it, he will also equip you with the ‘take home tools’ that will allow you to really build your confidence, and totally change your mindset.

A little about Christopher...

Christopher is a Harley Street therapist and an internationally acclaimed expert in dealing with fears, phobias, stress and anxiety.

Christopher combines his expertise and experience, with a deep, personal mission, and passion, that is to empower as many people as humanly possible. Having tackled his own phobias and anxiety, Christopher knows that it really is possible to live a life that is based around freedom.

Christopher works with a global client base, including actors, models, musicians, presenters and celebrities.

His expertise has been requested by TV & Radio and press he has been consulted/featured on the BBC TV, GQ, Grazia, Mail online and many more.

Watch Christopher Cure a phobia on the BBC


You can find out more about Christopher by visiting



“Since seeing Christopher, I can honestly say he has changed my life. My anxiety levels have been substantially reduced and I now have so many new thinking techniques that I use daily. I would encourage everyone to see Christopher because he has transformed my life.”

Poppy Jamie – TV Presenter

“Chris is always there when I need help, his methods have had a positive effect on my wellbeing.”

Suki Waterhouse – Model, Actress, Celebrity

I just want to take a couple of minutes to tell everybody your programme rocks and if you get the opportunity to check out Christopher then make it happen.”

Joseph McClendon III – Motivational Speaker and #1 Coach for Tony Robbins

“I used to be terrified of turbulence when flying, then I worked with Christopher and now I get so happy when there might be turbulence, I actually look forward to it. ”

Arezoo Kaviani – Celebrity Beauty Therapist

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Date - 21 September - 14.00 Pm to 15.30 pm .

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Look Forward to Meet you guys soon.


SECRET to SLOW OR Reverse YOUR Ageing & Look Younger-Stay Youthful & Energised

Can ageing be delayed, stopped or even reversed? New Studies Show it Can be Done

Can you look and feel 10 or 20 years younger than your chronological age says?

Does getting older need to mean getting worse?

Can you age well?

What is your biological age, and why does it matter?

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In this workshop, leading UK Health & Wellbeing Expert, Hari Kalymnios, will share with you some foundational principles about ageing and how to age well. So you still feel like you are in your 20's when you are in your 40' and 50's and beyond.

Join this online workshop and:

- Discover why your chronological age isn't as important as your biological age
- Learn three simple strategies that will have you reversing your chronological age in no time(!)
- Implement energy boosting principles to help you feel 10 or 20 years younger starting immediately.


Hari Kalymnios, author of two best-selling books on Health & Wellbeing, 'The Thought Gym' and 'Working Well', works with entrepreneurs, professionals and high performing people to optimise their health, energy and vitality, so they can perform at their best. A highly sought-after speaker and trainer, Hari has spoken on the TEDx stage, delivered training to countless multinationals, the Mercedes Formula One teams, CEO's and even the odd billionaire. He is also a visiting lecturer at The European Centre for Executive Development (CEDEP) on the grounds of INSEAD, in Fontainebleau, France.

Hari has a strong social media presence and over 300 blogs, videos and articles published both on his sites and others (such as The Huffington Post - now HuffPost). You can connect with him on all social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) using his handle - thethoughtgym.

Tickets are Only - 7.50
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When: September 23,[masked]:00 pm

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Inner Child Healing Event-Increase Self Love & Self Acceptance-Ticket Link Below

In this workshop Mark Stubbles, a hypnotherapist, CBT practitioner, life
coach, Master NLP & Mindfulness practitioner will discuss the benefits
of healing inner child. After growing up in a dysfunctional family Mark
struggled with low self esteem, low confidence, anxiety, dissociation,
emotional flashbacks and emotional regulation.

Please Notice I posted this event on Multiple Meetup and we have Limited Tickets, After Your ticket purchase , Then Please send email at [masked] , Then I Will Send you Zoom Link for this Event.

Tickets Are Only $ 7.50

Click the Paypal Link to book your Ticket- https://bit.ly/37DAhGT
Date - 30 September- 14.00 Pm to 15.00 pm .

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is suffered by prisoners of war
and children who grow up in dysfunctional families. It is estimated that
up to 80% of people grew up with some kind of dysfunction, growing up in such environments can cause us to suffer anxiety, lack of confidence and self esteem. It can affect how we relate to ourselves and others.

Growing up in dysfunctional environments can cause us to become
disconnect from our true selves, we will suffer a negative inner voice
that attacks and puts us down, we will feel as though there is something
wrong with us. We will look to the outside world, to things and people
outside of us to feel okay.

This workshop is for you if you suffer with:

Negative self talk.
Poor self esteem.
Poor self image.
You are a people pleaser.
You just can't say no.
You would like to be a better parent.
Your partner has accused you of being abusive.
You keep attracting abusive partners.
You suffer with anxiety.
You use sex, drugs or food to numb your emotions.
You have anger issues.
You try to avoid your feelings.
You have no confidence.
You feel self hate.
You feel like there is something wrong with you.

Learn about CPTSD, toxic shame, trauma, reenactment, projection and much more with a short hypnosis/meditation session to end.

Please Notice I posted this event on Multiple Meetup and we have Limited Tickets, After Your ticket purchase , Then Please send email at [masked] , Then I Will Send you Zoom Link for this Event.

Tickets Are Only $ 7.50

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Date - 30 September- 14.00 Pm to 15.00 pm .



Free Webinar: Overcome from the impacts of Childhood Trauma

REGISTER HERE: https://bit.ly/3bEQPRR

Your journey to get to the other side starts here, don't take my word for it, hear these people out...

"I can't recommend Jessica enough. I've met someone who has completely changed my life in 12 weeks." - Lucinda Smith-Lenander

"After working with Jessica, I have grown more in my confidence, my belief in myself and increased in my independence and more aware of my root causes!" - Karen Huynh

"Jessica guided me in a process that made me unleashed my suppressed anger and rage. The result was an unbelievably decrease my anxiety!!!"
- Juan Velasco

"Thank you so much what you have done for me. Your help and guidance has really given me so much drive and motivation to move forward in my life I can't thank you enough." - Stephen Hall

Imagine how your life would be like...

-If you knew it would be safe to be your true self

-If you could feel safe in any kind of relationship

-If your self-esteem and self-worth has been restored

-If you have the confidence and clarity to move forward in the right direction

-If a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders

-If you could lower the intensity of your anxiety and make peace with your past

Fall out of panic and into peace. Here's what you'll learn from Overcome from the impacts of childhood trauma webinar...

1. Why you're still feeling lost and stuck in mainstream therapy.

2. How 5 different types of childhood trauma impact your self-esteem and shape your perspective on life right now.

3. How most people are making the 5 common mistakes that keeps you trapped in emotional trauma on replay.

4. How to overcome the impacts of childhood trauma in just 3 months.

This webinar isn't for you if...

-You’re sceptical, narrow-minded and expect things to change for you

-You suffer from neurological mental health conditions (please see your psychologist)

-You heavily rely on medication, illicit drugs and alcohol

-You want tips and tricks or looking for a quick fix

-You’re watching this because you’re going to wing it from free info and advice

-You're a psychologist, therapist, life coach, healer or counsellor (please do not join - this webinar is designed for a traumatised audience)

-You're looking for couples' therapy

-You haven't tried any clinical therapy such as seeing a psychologist, counsellor or therapist

Who is this webinar for?

-You’re willing to do whatever it takes to change your current situation

-You're willing to come into this webinar with an open mind and participate to expand your awareness

-You know you’re worth the commitment, time and money to heal your heartache

-You're willing to put your beliefs aside and watch this webinar with new eyes

-You tried clinical therapy but you haven't got massive results or success from it

-You’re driven by results and thrive on success

-You’re not afraid to go out of your comfort zone to get what you want-You suffer from stress, anxiety, dysfunctional family dynamics, childhood trauma, low self-esteem, relationship abuse, sexual abuse or relationship break down

If this sounds like you, this webinar is for you!


If for some reason you can't attend, you can still register and access the replay within 48 hours.

This is free to the first 100 people!

I look forward to guiding you into confidence and clarity.

All my love,

Jessica Goh | Trauma coach in childhood abuse

Website: www.lifeinconfidence.com

IG: @lifeinconfidence

FB: www.facebook.com/lifeinconfidence

YT: www.youtube.com/channel/UCNEcA-OIqX_lOurcSCiUlBA

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