What we're about

A meetup group for the new breed of entrepreneur that believes there's more to life (and business) than making money.

We're all about startups that put people first and want to make a positive dent in the world. We believe that happiness is the ultimate measure of success, and it also is a business model in itself. Find out how to build your startup the happy way with our supportive community of likeminded people.

This meetup is run by awesome members of the happy startup community in Amsterdam.

More about The Happy Startup School at http://www.thehappystartupschool.com (http://www.thehappystartupschool.com/) or on the recent VPRO Tegenlicht TV show about The Purpose Economy https://www.facebook.com/vprotegenlicht/vid... (https://www.facebook.com/vprotegenlicht/videos/vb.37586539901/10153850943359902/?type=2&theater)

Join the Dutch version of our online Happy Startup Home School program run by Wiro Kuipers http://www.thehappystartupschool.com/homeschool-nl

Come to Summercamp in September in the UK, the annual celebration of our community where 150 likeminded people come together to unplug, get inspired and make awesome sh*t happen http://www.happystartupsummer.camp

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