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Calling all Potterheads....If you're looking for a place to talk Harry Potter with other Potterheads, deep-dive into the books and movies, have lively debates, explore various Potterverse topics, and proudly sport your house colors then this is the group for you! We will meet 1-2 times each month for discussions (Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons), but every now and then we will attend Harry Potter-related events around the city and suburbs.

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Harry Potter Matchmaker

Online event

No. This is definitely not what you think. We have not entered the world of Mulan, and I am not matching people up. :) :)
Instead, we are playing a match making game, with the Harry Potter characters. Using our whits, skills, and whisdom, we will be trying to fomr the most compatible couples in Hogwarts. Who will wind up with the really hot dates, and who will wind up with the duds? Come and find out.
Harry Potter and the Game of Things

Harry Potter and The Game of Things

Online event

From the game's manual: Objective: Be the last witch/wizard guessing, but mostly laughter
You will be presented with a category. Try to think of the funniest thing you can for this category. And make sure that those next to you don't know it was you who submitted it!
This game is absolutely hilarious when played with a group, as you never know what kinds of answers you are going to get.

Harry Potter Just One!

Online event

We will be playing a version of "just one". This is a word game, where players give clues to a guesser, who is attempting to guess a word without seeing it.
You can see the full rules at:
We may be playing this on the site:
or simply over zoom, depending on how things shake out.
Hope to see you there!

Harry Potter Werewolf

Online event

Harry Potter Death Eaters Vs. Ministry of Magic game!

The year is 1998, and the wizarding world is at war.
So far, you have lived in a quiet village. The war hasn't touched your village yet... or has it?
There is 1 death eater amongst you: but who is it?
We will be playing werewolf, Harry Potter style. For those not familiar with werewolf (or mafia as it's called), this is a social game where each person is assigned a roll, and must act out their role in order to complete the game. You can read the complete rules here:


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Harry Potter Debate Night

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