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Wellness is a "wholistic" term. It not only describes the physical body but the energy body, attitude, reduction of stressors, lifestyle and much more. There are a 1000 and 1 ways to "Be Weller". Here we can address any that we wish. This Meetup is about connecting the people who have the knowledge with those who want it. Maybe it's a smile in the morning, maybe it's finding an accountability partner. No matter what it is, let's come together, share and learn. We have an entire universe of possibility.

This group is for anyone who is interested in learning more ways to be or stay "Weller" and for those who have knowledge of how to do that they are willing to share. The purpose is to make things fun and understandable to all levels of learning.

Activities will include Conscious Walking, a technique for reducing stress, setting yourself up for self healing, activate your body's energy pathways and have meditation at the same time. If you can walk you can do this and the benefits are huge. I will teach it and host it somewhere where we may walk safely.

Meetups may include intros to yoga or sampling meditations. It may be learning about different alternative modalities to find out which may be right for you, the individual. One size never fits all. What type of massage will fit you? What type of yoga might be best? What energy technique or exercise would fit you?

Sometimes it may be just to get together because it's fun to be with like minded people. These gatherings will not include alcohol.

So, if you are an adult, want to share or receive knowledge, have a little fun doing it and come away with more tools in your toolbox for health, come join us and find out what wonderful things we can create together. If you have something you want to learn about, I will do my best to find someone skilled to talk about or demonstrate it.

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