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If you’re reading this, you’re a second language instructor. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been at it—all levels of experience are welcome. Why are you teaching? What’s your motivation, beneath all the methodology? What does it mean to be a professional?

At some point, you were inspired to share what you’ve learned, encouraging students on their journey toward fluency. You’re a helper—a giver, and want to connect with others so they can grow. As teachers, we all share an ongoing responsibility—to better serve those we engage with.

But what happens when we meet a snag—something unexpected that slows progress to a standstill? Maybe you’ve begun to feel burned out—that your energy and passion are dwindling. You have no ideas or motivation. You feel lost, exhausted and stressed.

You don’t like some of your classes because the students aren’t doing their part of the job. They’re sleepy, confused, inattentive, unprepared, chronically late and avoiding homework. You want to cancel the course because of their lack of interest. You may even be considering leaving your school.

Sound familiar? We’ve all encountered such periods. Exposed to such attitudes regularly, our enthusiasm begins to be affected. How to work with these and other obstacles encountered during the learning process? The intention of this Meetup is to train our capacity to be honest and proactive in our daily self-assessments—especially in the face of difficulty.

Language instruction is a long, slow, steady climb up a mountainside of doubt and determination. What happens when we stumble can be the most freeing part of the experience—if we allow it to be. This club allows teachers of all levels to explore and discover the causes, often invisible, that keep us from progressing.

Teaching (not to mention learning) a second language is both an inner and an outer experience. This club is not a form of therapy, philosophy or teaching methodology. We offer no tips or tricks on how to improve. Instead, our focus lies in touching and expanding any potential pauses in advancement before they become limitations.

Our aim is to take the focus away from standards, measurements and outcomes and re-center it on the factors inhibiting your improvement as a teacher. Join us as we travel from reactive to proactive, from avoidance to allowance (and gradual acceptance) of all we are resisting on our career paths. Don’t mistake wherever you are in the process as the final outcome.

The Heart of a Teacher is a wholehearted approach to language instruction, practice and eventual understanding. If this sounds like your cup of oolong, feel free to pull up a chair and participate.

NOTE: We will not be discussing the following: hourly rates, grammar, vocabulary, lesson planning, teaching methods, in-class materials, or error correction.

*For purposes of clarity, this will be an alcohol-free event.

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