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Meet others who are interested in learning about herbs for health!

Get together with other like minded people who have an interest in the health benefits of herbal remedies.
Learn about herbs in NYC and Grand Gorge, NY (Northern Catskills).

Some subjects that will be covered in upcoming meet-ups and newsletters will be: Herbal Infusions, Tinctures, Flower essences, Decoctions, Syrups, Salves, DIY Herbal Soaps, Infused Vinaigrettes & Oils, Aromatherapy, Tea & Smoking Blends, Poultices, Herbal "Soaks", mushrooms and herbal crafts, etc!

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Central Park Plant ID Walk!

Central Park

My number is[masked]! Call or text me if you need help finding the group! Weather Permitting, I am hoping to get a chance to meet many new faces and welcome new members at New York City's most famous greenspace: Central Park!! Everyone is welcome! Bring your kids! Created in the late 1800's, Central Park has become home to countless native and not-so-native species! I'd love for you to join me on a walk by both the East and North Meadow, and pass by the North Woods! Check out this nifty map here: http://www.centralparknyc.org/assets/pdfs/maps/CPC_Map_2014_V2.pdf It'll be a great chance to swap stories, recipes, and techniques! There is ALWAYS more to learn! Recommended to Wear: - Sneakers or Boots - Long pants or leggings Recommended to Bring: - A notebook and pens/pencils - Cameras - If you'd like to collect samples to press for your Herb Journal/ Materia Medica/ Herbarium, make sure to bring an extra notebook, brown paper bags, and/or ziploc bags, or plastic jars/containers. I will send out my phone number again closer to the date so that you can call me if you get lost! Hope to see you there!!

Understanding and Using Herbal Extracts

Studio 55 C


Join in a discussion regarding the myriad of ways in which to extract medicinal constituents from medicinal herbs, and how different extractions work with your body and how best to pair them with your ailments. We will explore and taste the different types of water, vinegar, honey, glycerin, and alcohol extractions. • Tasting Herbs in various preparations and menstruums (solvents) · Choose to make an individualized infused oil or alcoholic tincture from a selection of herbs! • Bring Notebook;

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Using Medicinal Roots, Tubers, and Bulbs

Studio 55 C


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