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Having begun work as an herbal educator back in 1977, I would like to share casual information about herbalism, including growing herbs. We have an on-site research library. In our previous location in suburban Seattle we had created a 45,000 square foot botanical garden. My book The Master Book of Herbalism has been selling strong since it came into print in 1984. I have an excellent Master Herbalist Program which attracts top students (including Registered Nurses). I represent a wealth of resources.
When teaching at Seattle Central I'm able to show which books are the best to purchase, answer questions regarding herb safety, different ways to make herbal medicines (infusions, tinctures, ointments) and how to track down resources.
We have over 560 species in our garden (including perennials and fruiting trees) and stock 200 herbs in our pharmacopoeia.
I also offer classes and more through https://www.meetup.com/The-Rowan-Tree-Church/

The entire property (both legal parcels and all structures on the land) are defined as Safe and Sacred Space: “Our classes and gatherings are considered Safe and Sacred Space. Safe and Sacred Space is more than our guidelines, policies and procedures implemented to create an environment in which children, youth and the adults who work with them have boundaries of safe space. A Safe and Sacred Space is an overt expression used by The Rowan Tree Church to create a place where everyone, regardless of age, may experience and participate within our Tradition with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. We encourage each person participating to share in the responsibility of maintaining Safe and Sacred Space.”

Call toll free for information or to schedule a time for your visit. *(833) hermits

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