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The Hash House Harriers is an International Drinking group with Running Problems, founded on 1938 with over 70,000 active worldwide members. We are a social running (we have a lot of walkers as well!) group that focuses on the fun & social elements rather than just running. You don't have to be an athlete or a power walker to join, Just bring your good and open minded vibes!

We now run on a once a month basis. Aiming to increase runs cycle as time goes by. Anybody can join by showing up at the designated meeting point of the day. We run through the streets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other exotic places in Israel.

Our aim is to bring together local Israel people and expats who want to socialize and have a bit of exercise at the same time. It's a great forum to meet new friends from around the world.

Members come in all shapes & sizes, races, ages and fitness levels. We cater for young and old, fast or slow, fit or 'not-so-fit'! The main prerequisites are a sense of humor, willingness to meet new people,open-mindedness, tolerance and a general sense of fun. We are mainly English-speaking but most of us can speak Hebrew..

The planned future events will be posted on Meetup regularly. Hashing fee costs 25 Shekels per run. Kids under the age of ... join for free.

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H4 Run #1385 - Boomer's Delight

מרכז רפואי רמת השרון

Hare - Double Entry
Hare was celebrating his 70th birthday the whole month and asked to conclude the celebrations with disturbing his peaceful neighborhood by bringing friends that shout "on on", sing silly songs and then getting drunk at his back yard... Help us to fulfill his birthday wishes!

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H4 Run #1384 - River Of Beer

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