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All you need to do to join:

Proper Photo (something for us to ID you - picture of you, ie something to recognise you. We don't accept logos, background pics, not even if you are Iron Man, Batman, Superman ..etc ) or send us some proofs (*)
Fill in your profile and schedule availability (and bear in mind we ban Spammers and Scammers).
Be fun and have fun :-)

If you have registered and we are taking time to approve your membership, drop us a line. We won't reject applications that don't meet the above requirements, but will just take an indefinite amount of time to process it, until it meets the standards)

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and wanted to try different kinds of dishes on offer in the menu? Do you like socialising (we don't just do food but ,sometimes, also have fun events preceding/following food events) or would like to have lunch/dinner buddies? Do you enjoy meeting like minded people (food wise at least!) while appreciating a meal? This group is for you if you like trying different kinds of food, of different countries and cultural backgrounds. HK has a dearth of different types of cuisine and is very comparable to other big cities. You don't have to be a gastronome nor a gourmet, to appreciate what Hong Kong has to offer in culinary terms. Moreover, fellow group members have a common interest, whereby you are sure to know what to talk about over a meal. Hang on! Why not join other food related groups? Sure you can. Why this group then? Well, it is the 'Food networking' and far from being a cheapskate, the group organiser has the intention to organise food events at places within a budget that fits your high standards ... and finances (Good food yes, and surely at a reasonable price - we might sometimes go for some expensive places, but it is not the norm).


Dear Prospective Members,

At the time of application, please use an appropriate profile photograph - of late, we are having many spammers and marketing pirates (all fake members falling into those categories are banned on the spot) abusing of the honesty and trusting nature of the group and its members.

Otherwise, we can only regret to decline your membership if we mistook you for one of those unscrupulous people (you may write to us to provide other evidence of your identity and we will look into it).


By joining, you accept that the organiser is not liable for your safety/security/health (eg: you suffer from allergy to something but did not mention it, you went crazy and got jailtime,... you get the picture :-) )?
And please note that by law, the minimum limit for alcohol consumption is 18.

We would also advise you, if you are a minor (under 18), to be accompanied by an adult, at the events (for your own safety because, although Hong Kong is a safe place and our members are extensively screened, we are not able to account for every eventuality), which is, in general, the reasonable thing to do for minors.

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