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For those who like to face their fears... with books! 

We read one weird, wonderful and (crucially) terror-inducing book* a month. Then we meet up in central London to discuss. 

If you like: 

• Horror 

• Dark Fantasy 

• Weird Fiction 

• Ghost Stories 

• Gothic Fiction 

• or just generally being scared and/or weirded out of your pants... 

...then The Horror Book Club is for you! 

Just some quick house rules for meetings:

1. The resurrection of the dead is strictly forbidden

2. No biting

3. It is polite to warn members before summoning spirits, demons or ancient deities 

4. All familiars, zombie-slaves and maniacal assistants must wait outside the venue for the duration or the meeting

5. No rampaging

*Either novel, graphic novel or a short story collection. 

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