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Climbing is not what most people think it is. Its a great way to get fit, and stay fit in a non-traditional setting. Many people think climbing is about pulling yourself up the wall. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Climbing is a physical puzzle, and the answer lies in you using techniques and skill to progress.

This meet up is welcome to all climbers, regardless of climbing ability or skill. If you are interested in climbing, or in just trying fun new stuff, then this meetup is for you!

We will be planning events at the indoor gyms in Houston (Texas Rock Gym, Stone Moves, Inspire, Climb 59, Momentum). We will also be planning outdoor events in the Austin or Fredericksburg area for those that are interested in getting out and climbing on actual rock! If you have any suggestions for meetups, please let us know. Climb on!

Upcoming events (5+)

Climbing at Momentum Katy

Momentum Indoor Climbing Katy

All skill levels are welcome. IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE GYM: You will have to take a Learn to Belay class if you want to climb with ropes. Please fill out the waiver online by visiting the link below. You can do this at the gym as well, but it will save time if you do it beforehand. Feel free to message the host or leave a comment with any questions you may have. Momentum Katy website: https://www.momentumclimbing.com/katy/

Bouldering at Momentum Silver Street

Momentum Indoor Climbing Silver Street

Let's boulder! Bring gear if you have it, or rent shoes if you don't. We're happy to share chalk if you don't have any. We try to make this more social than challenging. All skill levels are welcome. Look for the hosts wearing orange shirts near the main restrooms until 7:15 or so. See the photos for a rough map. After that look for us around the gym. We usually go get dinner after climbing at Mod Pizza (1911 Taylor St Suite A, Houston, TX 77007). If it's your first time at the gym, fill out a waiver online (https://www.momentumclimbing.com/waiver/) or at the entrance before going up to the front desk. See here for gym rates: https://www.momentumclimbing.com/silver-street/rates/ Feel free to comment or send us a message if you have any questions.

Climbing at Climb 59!

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Aaron Mancha is hosting a new Meetup on Tuesday nights at 7 pm at Climb 59! There will be a discount of 30% off of a day pass for this event! You can meet Aaron inside the climbing gym - he will wait at the front for 5 minutes. If you arrive after 7:05, please look for Aaron in the gym or ask at the front desk where he is. Climb on!

Climbing at Texas Rock Gym and Food/Drinks After

Texas Rock Gym

Hey Climbers! This is the Tuesday evening meetup for anyone looking for climbing partners at Texas Rock Gym. Regular climbers at TRG are welcome, as is anyone new to Houston and looking for climbing buddies, or beginners aiming to learn tips from more experienced climbers. Please note this meetup is not organized by the gym itself. The specifics of this meetup aren't too strict as people can join whenever is convenient for them. If anyone has a preference for climbing they want to do, e.g. lead climbing, let us all know in the comments. Please do use this meetup as a general purpose message board. If it is your first time climbing with us please post a comment to say hi! It also makes it easier for you to find us in the gym as there can often be a lot of new faces there. Notes for beginners/first timers: - If it is your first time climbing you are welcome to join but it's best to bring a friend if you can, as then you can learn the initial steps together. - There are a wide range of experience levels among the climbers usually present but if you are looking for training as such, it may be better to get a lesson from a guide. (If so, we have a couple of contacts who may be able to help you out!) - First time visitors to Texas Rock Gym will have to sign the waiver and go through the belay test. Note: the last slot for Tuesday belay tests is 7:30pm and will need to be arranged with the gym itself. Give them a call or visit their website to contact them. www.texasrockgym.com - A single day pass is around $16 but memberships are available. It's strongly recommended to rent climbing shoes as well! Running shoes are not suitable for climbing. As regulars will know, the usual habit is to go around the corner to Casa de Leon (9217 Long Point) afterwards, for cheap tex mex goodness... This part is highly recommended. Climb on! Any questions, just leave a comment or shoot us a message.

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