What we're about

The human optimization project (thop) is an initiative for people who aspire to mastery. The group aims to facilitate a collective journey for continual personal improvement.

Topics should include:

- Personal productivity
- Dealing with information overwhelm through personal information & action management systems.
- Principles of effectiveness from thought leaders in the field
- Achieving health and optimal clarity for peak performance
- Performance psychology
- Achieving a mindset that supports success.
- Mindtools & mental models that provide insight into reality, rather than perceived reality.
- Personal and interpersonal motivation.
- Analysis of success archetypes (both people and organizations)
- Habits and rituals for peak performance.
- Allocation of time and activities.
- The significance and meaning of balance.
- The experience of flow- and how to achieve it on demand.
- An analysis of popular self-help guru's, and the kernels of effective information they preach.
- What productivity and effectiveness lessons we can learn from philosophy- (e.g. the Stoics, existentialism, etc.).
- What we can learn from the various fields of psychology (e.g. positive psychology, evolutionary psychology etc.)
- What we can learn from the principles of spirituality (e.g. The Chakras of Hinduism, The mind like water of Zen, The cardinal/theological virtues of Christianity etc.)
- What we can learn from the practices of spirituality (e.g. Zen in Archery, Zen in Martial arts etc.)

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