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The topic for discussion at the Sunday, July 28th HVN meeting will be: "Artificially Hyperintelligent Humans" (AHHS). Alan Duckworth will introduce the topic, followed by open discussion. He is sending out a four-page paper he wrote, which should be read before attending the meeting.

The reading covers the following points:

(1) the possibility and desirability of enhancement; (2) possible means of enhancement; (3) intelligence and computers; (4) needed modifications of human physiology; (5) goals;(6) starting hurdles; (7) computers vs brains; (8) the brain and resident, hybrid, remote, and host computers; (9) at least a dozen challenges; (10) what would constitute success? (11) could/should humans control their implants? (12) of what use would hyperintelligence be? (13) the joker: hyperintelligence vs other psychological traits; (14) could/would the hypers save the world? Or conquer other worlds?

The four pages of reading will be sent out to everyone by snail mail no later than 7/12/13. (Note: any members who are not on our snail-mailing list but who need a copy of the reading can get it by contacting Alan Duckworth [HVN organizer] through this Meetup website.)

Note that we're trying a different meeting place now, since the Charred Rib has closed. If you're logged in, you can see a map if you click on the name of the restaurant.

We meet the 4th Sunday of each month, 12:00-2:00. Lunch and socializing are from 12:00-1:00, with a presentation from 1:00-1:30 (sometimes the presentation starts before 1:00), then open discussion from about 1:30-2:00.


Lunch and socializing, with informal presentations and discussions on various subjects related to human values, such as: aspects of society; the arts; social science; current events; nature and evolution; history; science and technology; ethics; philosophy, etc.