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Some of the most exciting and diverse stories being published today are the work of small independent presses. What’s that you say? As a reader you might already be familiar with the ‘Big 5.’ These are the publishing houses that dominate much of what you read in the US, companies like Penguin Random House or Simon and Schuster.

However there’s a whole other arena of publishing that’s made up of smaller, independent companies. Some of the most fascinating stories as well diverse voices to emerge are all thanks to the work of these independent presses (and their authors of course!). Not only are they producing some of the world’s most compelling literature but indie presses also come in all shapes and sizes, with some focusing on international literature to others that are nonprofits and beyond. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, independent presses are doing it all!

So here at the Independent Book Club we’ll be reading books published by these amazing presses. We meet the second Wednesday of each month at The Royal. At the beginning of each meeting I’ll go over a brief history of the press chosen followed by a jovial, life-altering discussion of the book. Wait, did I promise it’d be life-altering?

Welcome to the Independent Book Club! I hope you’ll join us. Happy reading!

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Boleto by Alyson Hagy - Graywolf Press

The Royal

Faces in the Crowd by Valeria Luiselli - May 2019

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