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MEMBERS TEMPLATE for HOSTING (use the COPY button to start)
1. Contact the venue to schedule the location, time, etc. 2. If the event is FREE/ FREE Parking/ NO Cover/ $5... state that in the event title. 3. How to find us area above. Give as MUCH DETAILS when you arrive at the event for people to find you... like SIGNS, etc. do the same in the COMMENTS area below. Signs are here: 4. Add a picture of the event if possible for the listing. Please add Internet links like Food Menu, Facebook, Website, etc... *When at the event PLEASE take a picture to upload to show how your event was and how fun it was! 5. Info below please do NOT change (unless needed). ------------ Yes this is a JOINT Meetup *Sister groups being: AND Please be considerate to your HOST and adjust your RSVP attendance by the RSVP Cut-Off time accordingly to give time for others to attend if you can't make it. ____ Please delete the areas not needed on this COPY template.

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What we're about

Welcome to the Indianapolis New & NOT NEW In Town Meetup group.

If you are new to the area, NOT New to the area or simply want to enlarge your circle of friends, we are a great way to meet others in a non-threatening atmosphere.

We are a group focused on learning and sharing about ALL areas (and Surrounding areas) of Indy with GREAT events. You can be New or (Not New) just wanting to do more things in Indy.

We do different events around Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.! We have dinners, go to movies, art events, clubs, theatres, fairs, festivals, sporting events, concerts (large and small), dancing, canoe and water events, hiking and the list goes on...

• Everyone is welcome to join (Single, Married, Partnered, Etc…) as we are an ALL AGES group (Must be 21).


• Any “Hound Dog” or “meat market” type behavior, or any inappropriate communication is not tolerated. Solicitation of any kind is also prohibited. We are all here to have a GREAT TIME with other people who just happen to be in Indy too.

• Photo: For membership we REQUIRE a photo. It should be a reasonably recent of you, facially (FULLY) visible photo, WITHOUT sunglasses. You should be the only person(s) in the photo or it should at least be obvious as to which person(s) you are and we prefer it to be a normal sized (non-thumbnail pic).

• Name: We also REQUIRE an actual first name as your screen name or how you want to be addressed in person. You can use a nickname if you desire.

• Families: We do have people who wish to host an event open to families. That is fine if ALL members can attend and a Public location. Example: Going to the zoo would need to be all ages.

• This Meetup is Member Driven as ANY member may post an event. If there is an event you are interested in that you have not seen posted, please Post a Draft of the event you can host. We are not a FREE advertising space as a member must HOST the event and be with the members.

• Nothing to be nervous about… come to an event and see how much FUN you can have in Indianapolis! Why? Because we are just a group of people who may become friends learning together about Indy having FUN in Indy.

If you have a question, contact the Organizational team.

*Please READ the RSVP Policy for the group:

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