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Define & Refine Your Purpose in Life (and have fun doing it!)
Our focus has been, and still is, on finding answers to our too often asked questions such as: "Why am I here?" "There has to be more to life than this"? "How can I improve my situation"? Attend our informal, informative meetings and have FUN while learning and socializing! Relax - Relate - Reinvent Yourself - Become a better YOU!

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Welcome. The “INSIGHT CAFE” was created for individuals who have an interest in, or even a passion for, contemplating, discussing, and learning more about the meaning of life, our purpose(s) in this world, and the legacy we’d like to leave behind and be remembered for.

If you ever pondered: “What IS my purpose in life?”, “What IS the meaning of MY existence”? or thought: “There has to be more to my life than THIS! ” then the “INSIGHT CAFE” may be for you. Members (“Wonderers”) gather monthly in a safe, fun, social environment to explore and discuss such introspective topics, and are provided with resources to help create or reformulate a plan for their personal "Magic P. I. L. L." (Purpose In Life Legacy).

The framework of the “INSIGHT CAFE” is (more or less) constructed around the philosophy and views of Existentialism (Don’t be turned off just yet; the word “Existential” is not as complicated nor frightening as you may have been led to believe). Ironically, we have been coming across the terms “Existential Anxiety” and “Existential Crisis” more and more in the media nowadays. So, what IS "Existentialism"?

“Existentialism” is NOT a religion, and, in a nutshell, takes the view that: (1) REALITY is what YOU make of it. We create our own reality, and the meaning of life is relative to the individual, and (2) We are responsible for the choices we make. We have the freedom to choose our realities (e.g.: beliefs, ethics, morals, likes, dislikes, feelings, and so on), and how we respond and react to life's situations and circumstances.

While ideas and viewpoints from all fields are open for discussion (including: psychology, philosophy, sociology, religion, science, even the metaphysical), no formal or specialized knowledge is required to participate. All that's requested is that you have a sense of curiosity, be open-minded, and respectful of other members' opinions and feelings. Meetings will include: open discussions, informative multi-media presentations, special guest speakers, and “Q and A” sessions on related topics and issues.

In addition, members are offered “sources for resources” for review (on-line and hard-copy / some free, others for a price), and, if they choose, the option to obtain materials or services they deem interesting, entertaining, or beneficial.

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