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Life is about moments and for some of us, THIS moment is the moment to create radical transformation in our lives. You might be a business owner, employee or even unemployed. You could be a stay at home mom, student or successful executive who just wants more. Wherever you are in your life, this is the place for you.

Like most of us, I came to this planet with an open heart. I loved to explore, laugh and connect with others. However, I found myself in an environment that didn't support the beautifully idealistic worldview most children have, and I shut down. I forgot my inspired outlook and I conformed to a perspective that wasn't me.

Living out of sync with my own dreams created a great deal of suffering for me, and yet there was never a point in my life when I didn’t believe humans - all humans - are capable of amazing things. The world around me didn’t always support my perspective. Nonetheless, the possibility never left my heart and this motivated me to transform myself and through my transformation create The Inspired Evolution Project (IEP).

For all of us, there are moments where we want a better life. It is human nature to want more. Some might be seeking fulfillment while others may be pursuing a more purpose-driven life. There are those who are suffering conditions like addiction, depression, or high levels of stress from work or relationship issues. It could also be something more severe like PTSD, cancer or a traumatic brain injury. Suffering happens - for some more than others - but suffering is not inherent to who you are.

In my journey, I've learned life’s fluctuations are more a matter of brain function than of capability. We all have success and failure in our lives. Everyone experiences conscious and unconscious moments and each step we take from our worst moments to our best is important. So I've designed The Inspired Evolution Project as a five-phase process designed to help you discover the magnificent potential you can achieve when understanding the dynamic relationship between the body and the brain.

We understand every person is unique and have designed IEP to provide information - not instruction - so you can create your own individual program for success. In spite of how bad things may seem or even how good your life gets, it can always be better. No matter where you began, regardless of where you stand now, you are capable of incredible things.

Our methods do work quickly - within just a few days or weeks - so you can have the life you want now. Explore a deeper understanding of consciousness and discover unique tools to embark on a future of your own creation.

Most of our Meetups are offered for free. I invite you now to create something new.

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Phase Three - Intuitive Mythology Group Practice

The Self-Care Sanctuary

Phase Three of the IEP program is designed to help you tap into your creative genius. If you are already adept at mindful practices or feel centered and fulfilled in your life, this phase will foster innovative and creative thought, create optimal physical and mental health, and introduce you the kind of laser focus only available ‘in the zone.’ If you are ready to no longer experience life as happening to you, if you are prepared to lean into your life, to create the experience you want to be living, this phase will help you. Whether it is writing, painting, pottery or any other expression of our deeper selves, intuitive creative practices have the power to completely alter our experience of reality. When done properly, they can cure illness, create peace of mind and have led entire communities of people to safety for centuries. Join us as we share this simple visioning practice to: · to find more joy in everyday living · release limitations which bind us · love and appreciate ourselves more · and share in authentic community We meet every Sunday at 3:30 to share our stories, ourselves and real support for each other in living the best lives possible. Groups begin with success stories, followed by a short introduction to intuitive writing. We will then follow a meditative prompt and spend about 30 - 45 minutes of writing time. We'll share progress, goals and hoped-for outcomes to closing the circle. This group is offered for a suggested donation of $10. Our Suggested Contribution Sessions are provided with a suggested amount to contribute to participation in the session. I want to make this program affordable to everyone. So, I’ve offered Free Group Sessions and $5 Group Sessions to help those who need to get their feet under them. Most of us, at some point, will evolve in our practice enough to experience some financial flexibility. There is something powerful in being a conscious contributor to your health and well-being. It is human nature to respond to health practices according to the value we attribute to them. Free feels amazing and sometimes it is necessary, but when we can get to the point where we can invest in ourselves or give something back, we own a whole new perspective of our place in the world. Whether you are giving to invest in the value of who you are or to support us in providing free services to those who cannot contribute, I promise to use your investments with the care and attention they deserve. I live humbly, and I expect I always will. It seems to be the nature of my conscious participation in the world, my way to live in service to humanity. So, everything you give will be used to help us expand our reach, to keep the participants in this program living healthy, and to invest in other communities who do the kind of work we want to support. Come and cast your pearls before jewelers. We hope you find yourself here.

Phase One & Two $5 Group Session

The Self-Care Sanctuary


Mastering your brain chemistry is the fastest, most efficient way to happiness and I want to do everything I can to provide the information, to help you do that. I want you to be able to live the healthiest happiest life possible. Phase One of the IEP process is designed to relieve the suffering created by unconscious triggers. If you are in physical or emotional pain, if you are angry or sad, if you are experiencing struggles in your life or with your health, this is the place to begin. Experiencing a state of suffering, of any of these conditions, is not your fault and it is not a failing. It is a condition of unconscious chemical triggers in your brain. This phase is designed to help you learn how to control those triggers, so you can create the success you inherently deserve in your life. As we move into Phase Two, we are working to become more centered. If you are not experiencing stress in your life if you are not suffering, if your life is relatively happy and you are experiencing all the successes you desire but are still not feeling fulfilled, this phase for you. It is perfect for bringing more joy, excitement, health, and well-being into your life. It will teach you to relieve stress, become more mindful, improve your relationships and bring great depth to your experience of living. All our Phase One and Two general sessions are offered free of charge. They are available in person or online. I recommend beginning with a Phase One Free Session "Introduction to Brain Chemistry" before coming to this group. On a purely informational basis, it will help you get the most out of it. If you can't come to a Wednesday night session, please watch for a workshop or you can view the video here. https://www.facebook.com/1709317839323243/videos/2219431514985289/ No one grows faster in this process than those who can sit in Private Session with me and clarify what it means to have full control of their brain chemistry, but it can be a financial leap for some to move from Free Group Sessions to Private Sessions. What we do is very different from most of the other methods available in the world and for those of us who commit to it, we still need support in the process. $5 Group Sessions are a Private Session you share. This next level of support has been created to help us stay clear, bring healthy ideas to the table and to believe in us on the days when we might not believe in ourselves. We’re here to provide information and to support the body in mending itself. Understanding the details of this work can be fundamental to its success. There are a lot of questions that need answering. So, I want to make myself and those who are successfully working the program as available as possible to you. This group is a come-and-go, so don't worry about long-term schedules. Just decide if you need us today. I do hope you find yourself here. <3 - Linda

Phase Four - Relationship Balancing

The Self-Care Sanctuary

Life is relationships. When they are out of balance, the experience of living can become very painful. Go beyond examining what might be wrong or even how to fix what can seem broken. Let’s discuss the nature of relationships and how to use even the worst interactions to expand our experience of living. This ongoing group is about understanding ourselves and how to live in the most joy possible, with every relationship in our lives. Topics change every month. We'll talk about: • The Expansive Nature of Life and what it means to be on the leading edge of our evolution through consciousness. • The Developmental Cycles and how it is our developmental age and not our chronological age that is impacting our relationships • Understanding the Quantum Web and whether it's through the person who triggers you or the yin to your yang, we'll discuss healthy ways to use polarity for growth. • Roles and Rules and how subtle changes to perspective can make what seems inherent easily adjustable. • How moving from having the constant shifts of empathic/introverted personalities to Dominant Creation can instantly recreate your life. • Ultimate Balance and how to feel safe, balanced and clear in any situation, with any person in the room. This is a 'come and go' group which meets twice a month on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, to discuss the nature of all types of relationships. This Meetup is offered free of charge. If you want to contribute to The Sanctuary, we do accept donations, but it is not expected. Please note: This is the last time we will be offering this group in free sessions. In the future, it will be offered as a Phase Four Advanced Class. The session will be followed by a $5 Study Group, from 8:00 - 9:00 for those interested in participating in deeper discussion. Come and have healthy relationship with us. Live life balanced.

Phase Three - The Science behind Miraculous Healing

The Self-Care Sanctuary

Phase Three is designed to help you tap into your creative genius. If you are already adept at mindful practices or feel centered and fulfilled in your life, this phase will foster innovative and creative thought, create optimal physical and mental health and introduce you the kind of laser focus only available ‘in the zone.’ If you are ready to no longer experience life as happening to you, if you are prepared to lean into your life, to create the experience you want to be living, this phase will help you. Miraculous healing occurs every day. So, what causes it to happen? Join us for a continuing discussion of the body and how it functions. Learn to use the natural systems in your body to cure nearly any condition. From physical conditions like Cancer or Parkinsons or Traumatic Brain Injuries to mental health conditions like anxiety and depression or PTSD, you can use the same systems in your body that caused these conditions, to naturally cure them. Science is predictable in its outcomes. Don’t suffer life using coping mechanisms to just survive your day. Learn powerful definitions of what will help you finally experience what it means to thrive. We don’t use supplements or medications or treatments of any kind. This group focuses on easy-to-use practices designed to activate certain chemicals in the brain. These chemicals activate the body’s natural tendency to heal. We are not born to suffer. Take one more chance and experience what it’s like to be cured. This group meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 6:30 - 8:00 pm, in conjunction with the Introduction to Brain Chemistry gathering. Meetups are offered free of charge. We do accept donations, to help us provide free sessions, but they are neither expected or required. We are here to support you in finding perfect health. For those who are interested, there will be a $5 Study Group meeting after the discussion, from 8:00-9:00, to review ways to improve our processes. Perfect health is possible. We hope you find yourself here.

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The Self-Care Sanctuary

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