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What we’re about

We have a simple philosophy that is all to do with expanding our knowledge and enjoyment of wines and spirits. This meetup includes both the tastings organised by the institute and other tastings that members will be attending.

The institute was founded in 1963, (obviously is a more recent innovation). We hold twelve tastings each year, six in Edinburgh and six in Glasgow - see our Venues, which take the format of an informal guided tasting where our guest speaker shares their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for their wines or spirits with us. Over the years we have been very fortunate to be able to attract a very high calibre of speaker. Our speakers include Masters of Wine, wine makers, spirit blenders, specialist wholesalers, retailers and enthusiasts. We continue to strive to maintain this high standard of guest presenter. In addition to our usual meetings we also indulge our appreciation of delicious wines with good food by having an Annual Dinner, a Wine Weekend and a Summer Lunch.