What we're about

The Intelligence Group brings together people with interests spanning data science, machine learning, intelligence (real & artificial), big data, visualization and applications. The group has no affiliations - it's just a community of people interested in these topics and is OPEN TO EVERYONE. We're starting out in Johannesburg and surrounding areas, but are open to anyone in South Africa (or if you're visiting SA). If you'd like to speak at or host one of our gatherings, let us know!

Follow us on twitter at @intelligence_za (https://twitter.com/intelligence_za).

Past events (8)

AI in South Africa: Benefits, Concerns, and Regulation

Online event

Session 7: Uber Intelligent

Copperlake Brewpub

Session 6: Sky and space

Tshimilogong precinct (Where WITS JCSE is located)

Session 5: Analytics in Demanding Times

Tshimilogong precinct (Where WITS JCSE is located)

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