What we're about

This is a space where we discuss the internals of the tech/library we use.

It's a unique setup for a meetup and here are the reasons why?

- People can join the discussion online or in person at a decided location. So it's more inclusive.
- The meetup is dedicated to discussing the internals of the libraries or tech we use. This will help us to understand why a library works in a certain way and we will see some unique ideas they are built upon.
- It's a discussion rather than a podcast or a webinar where everyone can involve and share their insights. This turns out to be a very good brainstorming session on the topic.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbZKTtt6Pt5xPoc5-D2di3w

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The Internals #7 - The Internals of React Hooks

Needs a location

The Internals #6 - Diving deep into Accessibility

Needs a location

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