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The Aim of Rosicrucians: Transfiguration
What is the Universal Brotherhood? They are all those Brothers and Sisters who have truly gone this path before us and have a completely different state of being to us and therefore radiate an entirely different energy into this world, the love element of the creator, which carries with it a complete and detailed guide to walk in the path. We call this path Transfiguration. It has of course been indicated by many other names. It is a process that gradually frees the original Spirit Soul Being and has been unceasingly announced to mankind since the dawn of time. It is a path of inner joy, irresistible and freely accepted by those who honestly seek for it without compromise. Such people are looking for permanent, concrete values. But we ask: can any truly eternal value ever be found by all the established methods of acquiring knowledge that this world knows? Liberating knowledge begins with the acknowledgement that we in fact know nothing at all which is essential, that all our knowledge is foolishness in the light of the Gnosis, the source of all things. If you would like to discover more on these topics you are very welcome to join us at this free lecture. Kind regards, Golden Rosycross Ireland

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What we're about

What is our Meetup Group about?

There exists a golden thread, which leads out of the labyrinth of our broken reality and towards the Truth. The Lectorium Rosicrucianum, or International School of the Golden Rosycross, aims to help seekers find and form a living connection with this shining filament, which is woven of love, wisdom, knowledge (gnosis) and action.

Most importantly, this golden thread is a Path that can actually be walked, a Path shown by all religions in their original form. No Master or Initiate can give the Truth to another. It can only be approached by our own efforts, and by persevering throughout all the obstructions and difficulties we encounter on the way. And it can only be reached through an inner process of transformation called 'soul-rebirth', or 'transfiguration'. A bonafide School points out the Path of transfiguration and teaches its pupils how to follow it.

It is not the I-central self, or personality, that profits from the process of transfiguration as meant here, but the inner, divine Self, which is awakened and enabled to become increasingly active. This has tremendous results for the personality: he or she becomes an instrument, a servant, of another Order, the Divine Order, the 'kingdom not of this world', and in that state is able to stand right in the midst of the world in the service of every human being.

The Lectorium Rosicrucianum is a modern organization in the sense that its message is adapted to the strongly individualized consciousness of twentieth and twenty-first century humanity. However, it has deep roots in the past, for it is part of the long and ancient tradition of Mystery Schools, and is a development of earlier impulses of spiritual awakening such as those of the gnostics, Albigenses, Cathars and classical Rosicrucians of the 17th century.

If you would like to learn more about the ideas of the School please download the introductory brouchure here (!introductory-brochure/cb7n).

Who should join?

Any serious seeker on the path of self initiation.

What members can expect:

• Lectures with Q&A

• Contemplative Meetings

• Symposiums

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