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Cuban cuisine
Menu: I reserved a table for 6 at Cuba 312 in Roscoe Village. The menu has a mix of traditional and new Cuban dishes. From Eater: "This checks a lot of boxes. Appealing ambiance? Check. Filling, affordable dishes? Check. Outdoor seating available during the summer months? Check. Plus, its churrasco cubano — a slow-marinated skirt steak served alongside a slightly acidic Yuca con Mojo and a lightly-dressed salad — is delicious enough to break any embargo."

Cuba 312

2054 West Roscoe Street · Chicago


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    Chicago is a wonderfully diverse city; each culture has its personality, language, customs, traditions, and cuisine. Each month we will explore various geographical regions by visiting restaurants deemed representative of the cuisines of those regions.

    Each restaurant has been selected based on critical reviews, uniqueness, or Zagat or Michelin recommendations (NEVER Yelp, or Check, Please!, or Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drives. Do not even make a recommendation because the restaurant had been featured on any of those; that's one sure way to ensure it will never be included on our schedule). Selections run the gamut from simple street food to 12-course meals fit for royalty. This means sometimes there will be dishes and dining practices that are very unfamiliar, but that's the fun of culinary exploration.

    All meetups have been planned with the goal of enjoying a wonderful meal with wonderful company in mind. However, while meeting new people and reacquainting with old friends make the meal more enjoyable, the meal is, and always will be, the chief focus of each meetup. Please do not take up precious spots if you are not interested in the main attraction (like going to Garlic Fest if you don't like garlic in your food or a "meat-heavy" dinner and you're vegetarian).

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