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From the restaurant's website:

"Before the Europeans arrived to the Americas, the Incas in what is now Peru were already using a variety of crops that this land offered, such as potatoes, corn, quinoa, hot peppers, etc., that are base ingredients in Peruvian food. In the early 20th century masses of Chinese and Japanese immigrants dwelt in Peru. The Asians, who have a legendary cooking style, began to add their native ingredients to what this new land had. An encounter of cultures, Incan, European, African and Asian on a fertile region had produced an incredible taste that we now call Peruvian food.

"Here at Rio's (http://www.riosdesudamerica.com/our-menu/) each dish is prepared to order using the imported Peruvian products, the freshest ingredients, imaginative sauces and a masterful touch. Master cook Rosendo Monteoca from 'Rinconcito Sudamericano', and talented Chef Guillermo Munuz from the highest accredited culinary school and top restaurants in Lima Peru, bring 40 years of experience and flavor to the Chicagoland area. Rio's D' Sudamerica represents old traditional Criollo style cooking along with the new modern Peruvian gastronomy of today. Owner Dino Perez invites you to taste the traditions of Peru! Enjoy the experience at Rio's D' Sudamerica!"

The restaurant is BYOB.